Your luck and money will go down !? Things you shouldn’t put in the “entrance”

Feng Shui is one of the ideas that regulates the flow of Ki born from China, which is based on geography. Here, I will tell you about things that will reduce your luck if you put a spot on the entrance and leave it there!

◆ The entrance is an important place to take in luck
Before going out, I always go to the front door when I get home, so I may leave some small items for convenience.

But the front door is an important place where not only we go in and out, but also our luck. Even if it is convenient, it is often NG in Feng Shui. Then, what kind of things should be left behind to reduce luck and fortune?

◆ Pay attention to the position and shape of the mirror placed at the entrance!
A mirror is a popular item that should be placed at the entrance in Feng Shui. However, because Feng Shui has some schools like the tea ceremony, it is also a controversial item, such as putting a mirror on the front door to get luck (depending on the location and shape) and to lose luck. is.

Here, it is treated as a good luck item. Mirrors are said to have the effect of dispelling evil, and they are certainly good luck items, but the question is “where to put them”.

First of all, if you put it in front of the entrance, it will reject your luck, so it is NG. It’s a good idea to hang the mirror on the left and right walls or place it on a shoe box. However, a layout that reflects your face and figure in the mirror when you enter the entrance is NG.

We also recommend round frames and octagonal frames rather than square frame mirrors. Mirrors also have the power to dispel evil spirits, so use them well to repel bad ki and take in good ki.

◆ It is NG to leave garbage even temporarily
I think there are many people who put out trash before going to work. Especially in the morning, I’m busy, so maybe I’ll leave the trash at the front door from the night before to save some time.

Again, the front door is a good place to get in. It is NG to leave garbage, no matter how temporary. The point of good luck is to collect the garbage on the day of taking it out and eliminate the time to leave it at the entrance.

In addition, it is said that if you put scissors or a cutter at the entrance, it will be wasted, and it is NG to leave a wet umbrella or shoes as they are. Please note that cutting or damp items will reduce your fortune.

Sentence = Michiko Iida (Money Guide)