“Microsoft Whiteboard”, Android version previewed–Enhanced cooperation with “Teams”

Microsoft has released a public preview version of the “Microsoft Whiteboard” app for Android. We’ve also made it possible to use the Whiteboard on channels and chats on the collaborative platform “Microsoft Teams.”

Courtesy: Microsoft Whiteboard is a collaborative whiteboard app that was once used for visual communication between “Windows 10” devices. Whiteboards are now available on Android devices and Teams channels and chat. Teams users can create whiteboards related to Teams channels and chats. According to Microsoft, this is useful for long-term projects and discussions. Members of groups such as schools, marketing departments, and engineering groups can use it to collaborate on projects by updating the whiteboard over time. At the top of Teams channels and chats is a “+” button for adding new tabs. From there, users can search for the term Whiteboard and activate the new Whiteboard. Microsoft has released a preview version of the Whiteboard app on the Google Play store for Android devices. The iOS version of the Whiteboard app was released in 2018 and included new features such as sticky notes and text objects. The Whiteboard may be useful in today’s schools with expanded remote lessons, and when performing tasks such as sharing notes and sketching ideas and lesson summaries in Teams. In a description from the Google Play store, Microsoft said, “Whiteboards are designed for touch, type, and pen, allowing you to write and draw with the same smoothness as when using ink. You can also add text and ink to type and annotate. Whiteboard has all the features that allow you to perform real-time editing and commenting directly on the whiteboard wherever you are. By providing it to team members, we will strengthen teamwork. ” With the release of the Whiteboard for Android devices and Teams, Microsoft’s plan to make the Whiteboard a collaborative app that can be used in any application has been fulfilled.