Tomoya Nakamura confesses “extremely spicy resistance” but denies de M theory “maybe de S”

Tomoya Nakamura and Ramirez will appear in “Shabekuri 007” (NTV, every Monday from 22:00) on March 15th.

In the project with Nakamura as a guest, Nakamura will be the MC, and Shabekuri members will challenge “finding the mistakes of adults”. Also, in the talk part, he confessed that he does not feel spicy even if he eats spicy food. In the preview video released on the official website, Nakamura says, “I don’t know the level of spiciness. It looks like a sad monster.” Teppei Arita asks that “spicy = pain” and no pain is de M, but Nakamura replies “maybe de S”, and the studio members burst into laughter. Then, after eating three foods, the members will guess which one is spicy from their facial expressions.

Next, former director Alex Ramirez of Yokohama DeNA BayStars and Mrs. Miho appeared. Miho is also a gym trainer, so the couple have wonderful muscles. The plan is to challenge a muscle quest that overuses the body, such as carrying a heavy bag to a remote place, and the Ramirez and Mrs. Shabekuri members will confront with muscles.

Haruka Ayase appeared in the previous broadcast. “Miracle 35 years old! Evolved Haruka Ayase wants to do all-you-can-eat special”, showing off unexpected special skills one after another, “The swing of cuteness is amazing” “For the first time other than acting, Haruka Ayase Sugeeeeee I might have thought, “he said.