KAT-TUN “Roar” ranked 1st with 253,000 copies “I’m really happy” 15th anniversary of debut

The latest single “Roar” of the idol group KAT-TUN sold 253,000 copies in the “Oricon Weekly Single Ranking” announced on the 16th, and won the first appearance first place (Oricon survey, aggregation period March 8-14 Day). At the same time, comments from KAT-TUN were released. From the debut single “Real Face” dated April 3, 2006, it became the first place in the 28th consecutive & 28th work in total, and the record of “the number of works that won the first place in a row from the debut (1st)” is second only to 42 works of KinKi Kids Along with Hey! Say! JUMP in the 2nd place Thailand in history, the record of “the number of works that won the 1st place in total” is the 10th place Thailand in history. In addition, the first week sales of single works exceeded 200,000, which was the first record in 10 years and 4 months since “CHANGE UR WORLD” released in November 2010, and the first time in 15 works. The song is the first single in 2 years and 11 months since “Ask Yourself” in April 2018, and the Japanese TV drama “Red Eyes Surveillance Investigation Team” starring Kazuya Kamenashi (every Saturday from 22:00). Theme song. To commemorate the 15th anniversary of their debut, the group’s first digital distribution will start on the release date. Two songs, “Roar” and “Flashback”, a new coupling song limited to distribution, have been distributed. In the latest “Oricon Weekly Digital Single (single song) ranking”, “Roar” ranked 4th with 11,000 DL and “Flashback”. Was ranked 8th with 9000 DL, and both finished in the TOP10. ■ KAT-TUN comment

I am very happy to hear many people listen to the single “Roar” for the first time in 3 years. On March 22nd, we will celebrate the 15th anniversary of our debut, and without forgetting to thank all the fans and many people who have supported us so far, we will enjoy this year like KAT-TUN and many works. We will do our best to deliver the product, and we appreciate your continued support.