Kazunari Ninomiya reveals “basic philosophy” among members “If the other side makes cucumbers …”

Arashi’s Kazunari Ninomiya talked about his plans for the 1,000th broadcast on the radio program “BAY STORM” (bayfm / every Sunday from 22:00 to 22:30) on the 14th. On this day, Ninomiya talked about the plan to commemorate the 1,000th broadcast. Member Masaki Aiba’s radio program “Arashi / Masaki Aiba’s Recommendation! When “Arasirimix” (Nippon Cultural Broadcasting) reached 1,000 times, the voice actor Hiro Shimono, who Aiba wanted to meet, made a surprise appearance and was excited, but Ninomiya said, “Call me a guest? “What are you going to do?” “Even if someone you like comes …”, he doesn’t seem to be very enthusiastic. “I’m doing quite a bit at Aiba-san. I mean, I have a good personality, I love him for the whole program, and I’ll do my best to keep his motivation down,” said Aiba’s program. While mentioning that there are many projects, he said, “But I would never do it at home. Isn’t it?” “What would you do? If you did it really normally for the 1,000th anniversary. Well, that’s the characteristic of the program, and that’s the individuality,” said the program staff. Is everything. ” On the other hand, “People who support Arashi say,’Aiba-kun did it, so I want Nino to do it.’ In our field, the other side makes cucumbers.” Then, is it the basic idea to try making cucumbers here as well? ” Imagine the reaction when you don’t call the guest, “I’m coming. I’m sorry for Nino.” I’ll come, “he laughed mischievously. The program can be listened to on radiko within a week after the broadcast (only for Premier members outside the area).