Qualtrics and stress check can be performed

Qualtrics announced on its Qualtrics Employee XM that it is now possible to carry out stress checks that are required for business establishments with more than 50 people. In addition, it has become possible to provide support related to stress check implementation with the affiliated “Sangyoi”. Qualtrics Employee XM is a solution that improves the experience of the entire employee life cycle from recruitment to retirement, delivering insights that improve the employee experience to all team leaders in the organization and helping them improve their skills. A user of “Qualtrics Employee XM” requested “Is it possible to carry out a stress check that the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare requires to be carried out as one of various surveys to collect the voices of employees?” It came to the start. When implementing the stress check system, if it is necessary to introduce an industrial physician or provide advisory services regarding improvement activities based on the survey results, we will respond in cooperation with Sangyo.