Utsunomiya City and NEC Start Demonstration Experiment Using Face Recognition

Since March 16th, Utsunomiya City and NEC have been conducting demonstration experiments using face recognition and other means toward the realization of smart cities. In the experiment, it was convenient and comfortable while giving due consideration to measures against infectious diseases, such as promoting migration around the city by providing information through a smartphone app, and smooth and non-contact facility entry / exit and shopping (payment) using face recognition. We will verify the efforts of “smart hospitality” that will lead to the formation of a central city area.

Overview of smart hospitality Two types of demonstration experiments will be conducted, one that utilizes a smartphone app and one that utilizes face recognition technology. For those using the smartphone app, we have released the smartphone app “Profitable and Fun Utsunomiya” that helps you walk around the city of Utsunomiya, distribute information on events, sightseeing, and restaurants in the city, and register as a member through the app. We will distribute lottery tickets to those who have won the prizes such as coupons that can be used locally and goods of the professional basketball team “Utsunomiya Brex”. In addition, a mission to encourage city tours will be presented on the app, and gourmet coupons for nearby stores will be provided to those who have cleared it. Furthermore, we will analyze data such as visitor behavior / attribute estimation and consider effective measures to attract customers.

Face recognition payment NEC’s face recognition technology is used in experiments that utilize face recognition technology. For those who have registered information such as their face image and credit card from “Profitable and Fun Utsunomiya”, smooth entry and exit using face recognition will be carried out at “Brex Arena Utsunomiya”, the home of Utsunomiya Brex. Will be done. In addition, face recognition payments will be made available at six stores in central Utsunomiya.