What is the “color bath effect” that changes people’s consciousness?

If you are a planner or a marketing person, you may have heard the word “color bath effect”, but not a few people have a solid understanding of the meaning of this word and how to use it. Is it? Understanding the color bath effect will help you gather the information you need. In this article, I will explain what the color bath effect is, how to use it, and similar expressions. Let’s deepen your understanding of the color bath effect and utilize it in your business. Get to know the color bath effect Overview of the color bath effect The color bath effect is a phenomenon in which when you start to be aware of a particular thing, information about that particular thing naturally becomes noticeable in your daily life. .. Therefore, by being aware of the problems and issues that you have at work, you will be able to see more information about the problems and issues, which may lead to understanding the cause and finding solutions.

How the color bath effect works

Humans unknowingly sort out whether the information obtained from the five senses, such as sight and hearing, is what they need. By being aware of specific things as information that is highly necessary for you, such as problems and issues at work, you can catch information that you normally miss or miss. It becomes.

How the color bath effect was discovered

It is said that the color bath effect was originally introduced as a method for coming up with ideas. Therefore, the color bath is not something that psychologists have discovered and announced about its psychological effects. However, it is now often treated as a kind of psychological term. Get an overview of the color bath effect How to use the color bath effect in your business If you make good use of the color bath effect, you can collect the information that you need most. Therefore, if you use the color bath effect in business and marketing, you will get high results. In order to utilize the color bath effect in business and marketing, we will explain in what situations and how it can be utilized.

For comparison of informed decisions

In the business scene, you may have to make important decisions, but you may also be biased towards the options you want and not be able to make the right decisions. In such a case, if you are conscious of collecting information other than the options you want, it is possible to collect the judgment materials necessary for making a decision in the correct balance by the color bath effect.

As a way of thinking of new ideas

When you are asked for a new idea at work, the new idea does not come to your mind immediately. However, if you are always aware of gathering information that will lead to new ideas in preparation for such situations, you may be able to find hints for coming up with new ideas through the color bath effect. The color bath effect was originally introduced as an idea idea, so this is a standard way to use the color bath effect.

When you want to send ads more effectively

The color bath effect is not only effective for yourself, but it can also be applied to others. For example, if you put a catch phrase or design that makes you aware of a specific color in an advertisement, consumers who see the advertisement will become aware of that color in their lives. If you can make a particular color conscious by advertising, you can unknowingly see it as information that you need by putting a product of that color in front of the consumer. Therefore, if you connect advertisements with products and services with the color bath effect, you can enhance the advertising effect.

Measures to attract users

If the color bath effect is occurring, it will be easier to catch specific information that you are aware of. Therefore, if you can grasp the specific thing that the user is aware of, it is possible to attract the user’s interest by disseminating that information. If we can disseminate that information to what many users are aware of in common, we can expect a high marketing effect. Learn how to use the color bath effect Similar expressions of the color bath effect There are some words that have similar meanings to the color bath effect, but there are also some differences in nuances and meanings. Let’s understand what kind of similar expressions are used and what they mean so that they can be used correctly according to the scene.

Frequency error

“Frequency error” means that when you start to care about a particular thing, you suddenly feel that you are more likely to come into contact with that particular thing. For example, when the lucky color is said to be yellow in the morning fortune-telling, it is often mistaken that even if there is no difference in the number of times you see it compared to usual, you feel that you often see yellow things on that day. It can be said that it is due to.

Bader-Minehof phenomenon

Frequent error is sometimes called the “Burder-Minehoff phenomenon”. Therefore, there is no big difference in the meaning of these words. When frequency error and the Bader-Minehoff phenomenon occur, it makes me feel that I suddenly come into contact with a specific thing that I am conscious of. This is because there are more opportunities to be recognized.

Cocktail party effect

You may hear the voice calling your name clearly in the midst of loud noises. This is because the brain determines the information it needs, which is called the “cocktail party effect.” The cocktail party effect is a term that refers only to the selection of audio information by hearing, although it is sometimes confused with the color bath effect because it selects the necessary information. Let’s know similar expressions of color bath effect Let’s utilize color bath effect for marketing We explained the outline of color bus effect, how to use it, and similar expressions. Understanding the color bath effect makes it easier to gather the information you need, and using it in advertising can be very successful. Let’s deepen our understanding of the color bath effect and utilize it in our business.