Minori Hagiwara “It’s so tiring to take revenge on people …” Experienced in the leading drama

Actress Minori Hagiwara co-starred in the one-episode pre-screening and completion announcement talk event of the leading drama “RISKY” (MBS drama special zone 25th start, every Thursday 24: 59-) held in Tokyo on the 17th. I attended with (Travis Japan / Johnny’s Jr.), Rio Yamashita, Mai Fukagawa, and Yuki Furukawa. Minori Hagiwara This work, which is a live-action version of the popular work “RISKY ~ Revenge is the taste of sin ~” of the electronic comic distribution service “Mecha Comic”, is a heroine who lost her parents at an early age and was raised by her sister who is eight years older. “Zokukyun” love suspense that sets revenge on the “woman” who made the life of her sister who was the only family crazy. Hagiwara for the main character, Hinata Hirose, Fukagawa for her sister, Kanata, Furukawa for Kanata’s fiancé, Toru Sakurai, Yamashita for Mika Kuroda, who plunders Toru, and Mitsuru Asai, a mysterious young man who works part-time at Mika’s company. Miyachika plays the sword. The drama cranked up on this day. Hagiwara, who starred in the film, said, “It feels like there were about 10 mountains in one work, and it’s really high in calories. Every day. I loved the scene and I should be looking forward to shooting. However, he said, “I think my shoulders are a little heavy,” he recalled, “I felt that taking revenge on people was so tiring.” “The calories burned in a day are tremendous. It was a day when I was squeezing my emotions from my whole body and throwing them away.” And, “There are lots of developments, and after each episode, there is a lot of fun waiting for what will happen next. For those who are reading the original, a completely different ending is waiting, so please look forward to it. I hope you will get a lot of excitement every week. ”