Programming tools enhanced with IBM Quantum

IBM is improving its programming tools for quantum computing to allow developers to take a more streamlined approach to quantum circuit experimentation and access. “IBM Quantum Experience” has become “IBM Quantum”, and the programming tools “IBM Quantum Composer” and “IBM Quantum Lab” have been enhanced with a new release. These tools will replace the IBM Quantum Experience. As of December, IBM revealed that more than 280,000 registered users are running more than a billion hardware circuits per day using its quantum hardware and quantum simulators. IBM’s new programming tools will be part of an extensive quantum computing effort to build an ecosystem of developers leveraging Qiskit and others. IBM explained the roadmap for quantum computing research in September. The outline of these tools is as follows. IBM Quantum Composer is a tool that enables developers to design, visualize, and run quantum circuits. The user interface is familiar to developers, with the aim of making it attractive at various programming levels. A panel has been added that allows you to perform important tasks such as managing files and tracking jobs without leaving your workspace. The “Set up and run” interface has also been improved. IBM Quantum Lab is a cloud-enabled Jupyter notebook environment. It is browser-based. It has been improved, making it easier to organize files in folders. Lab documentation and tutorials are also available.