2020 US presidential election, Russia and Iran work–US intelligence reports

A report on interference from other countries in the 2020 US presidential election has been released. A survey by the National Intelligence Council (NIC) found no evidence that actors from other countries attempted to change voting procedures such as voter registration, voting, counting, and reporting results. However, Iran and Russia are reported to have spread false allegations about infringement of the voting system.

Courtesy: According to the James Martin / CNET report, Russian President Vladimir Putin “slanders President Biden’s run”, “supports former President Donald Trump” and aims to undermine the credibility of the election results. Allowed “influential work activities”. However, “unlike 2016, we did not see Russia’s sustained cyber activity trying to access the election infrastructure,” he said. In 2016, a previous report by the US Senate Special Committee revealed that the election system in all 50 states was targeted by Russia. China is said to have not interfered. He said he considered a guided work activity intended to change the election results, but did not carry it out. Iran is believed to have undertaken guidance efforts aimed at reducing the likelihood that former President Trump will be reelected. Cuba, Venezuela and Hezbollah have also reported that they have “taken multiple steps to influence the elections.” The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) said in a survey by various agencies on the 16th that “there was no evidence that actors with the support of governments in other countries manipulated the election results or compromised the integrity of the 2020 federal elections.” .. The Biden administration will target Russia and Iran next week as well.Sanctions over election interferenceCNN reports that it may announce.