ServiceNow vaccine management platform adopted by US Department of Homeland Security

ServiceNow’s new coronavirus vaccine management tool has been adopted by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The company announced on March 17, US time. Approximately 240,000 DHS employees will be able to use ServiceNow’s self-service portal to find information and make vaccination appointments as part of their “Operation Vaccinate Our Workforce” activity. ServiceNow’s “Vaccine Administration Management” is built on the company’s “Customer Service Management” and aims to facilitate the scale of vaccine distribution, administration and monitoring. With the release of Vaccine Administration Management, ServiceNow will be able to solve the “last mile” challenge of vaccine deployment, which has been delayed at the national level due to issues such as fragmented legacy systems and siled data. I was trying to do it. ServiceNow’s vaccine management platform allows individuals to choose whether or not they wish to receive the Corona Virus vaccination, and provides vaccination applicants with up-to-date information such as the location of vaccination venues that do not require reservations. DHS enables geolocation services within the Now Platform to provide staff with location-based information, such as the nearest outpatient clinic where vaccinations are available. More than 160,000 DHS employees reportedly received a vaccine notification from ServiceNow within 24 hours. Steve Walters, vice president of federal government at ServiceNow, said, “Federal agencies have the right tools in place to meet the Biden administration’s vaccination goals, and critical government officials are vaccinated with the Corona Virus vaccine. “It is imperative that we receive the vaccine quickly and on a large scale,” said DHS, using ServiceNow’s vaccine management solution to help more than 240,000 employees find information and receive the Corona Virus vaccination directly. I have the tools I need to make a reservation. ” ServiceNow has also announced updates to its vaccine management platform, including tools that allow vaccination agencies to manage vaccine inventories. The inoculator can automatically track vaccine inventory in real time and start, stop, or schedule reservations based on the quantity of vaccines that can be administered.