VMware updates “Cloud Health” and “vRealize”-strengthening support for multi-cloud management

VMware announced a series of updates to its Cloud Health by VMware and VMware vRealize tools to help customers manage multi-clouds on March 16th. We will increase the value of these tools for a wider range of public cloud vendors. The company is working to bridge the gap between public cloud providers, and this update is part of that. By 2020, then CEO Pat Gelsinger said his goal was to “become a multi-cloud infrastructure provider of choice for customers.” In 2019, VMware acquired Cloud Health Technologies with the aim of strengthening multi-cloud management. The CloudHealth platform is a product that helps businesses analyze the cost, usage, security, and performance of computing environments across public clouds. Cloud Health Flex Reports is a tool for generating customizable cost assessment reports. With this update, CloudHealth Flex Reports now supports the Microsoft Azure Enterprise Agreement (EA), so customers can use the Microsoft Azure EA and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cost and Usage Reports. You can now select both (Cost and Usage Report). In addition, Cloud Health is deepening support for AWS Savings Plans with a new automated recommendation feature. The vRealize update covers vRealize Automation, VMware vRealize Operations, VMware vRealize Log Insight, VMware vRealize Network Insight, and more. The main contents are as follows. VMware vRealize Automation 8.4 provides enhanced public cloud provisioning support for public clouds such as Azure and Google Cloud Platform. In addition, the integration of “VMware vRealize Automation Cloud” and “VMware Cloud on AWS” will help automate the setting of required cloud resources. Other upgrades include enhanced integration capabilities for the vRealize Automation SaltStack Config component and enhanced network automation capabilities with VMware NSX-T migration support. The VMware vRealize Operations update will include major enhancements to most of the popular native AWS services, with a total of 57 services supported. It also supports new “What-if Planning” features in VMware Cloud on AWS, enhanced cost flow optimization capabilities, and support for the open source “Telegraf” agent plugin. In addition, VMware vRealize Network Insight Cloud provides network visibility for both Google Cloud VMware Engine and Azure VMware Solution. Network visibility to VMware Cloud on AWS is also enhanced.