Asami Mizukawa “Eriko” and Maho Yamada “Shoko” who are too obsessed with others, what are the paths they chose?

The final episode of Saturday drama 9 “Nile Perch Girls’ Association” (BS Tv Tokyo, every Saturday from 21:00) starring Asami Mizukawa will be broadcast on March 20th.

The drama is based on the novel of the same name by Asako Yuzuki, who won the “28th Yamamoto Shugoro Prize” and “3rd High School Naoki Prize”. Mizukawa works for a major general trading company and works side by side with men, and at first glance it seems that he is living a smooth sailing life, but in fact he has the only and largest complex of having no female friends, Eriko Shimura. play. Then, Maho Yamada will play Shoko Maruo, the author of the SNS diary “Halibut’s Bad Wife Diary” that Eriko is intoxicated with.

In addition, Yasushi Fuchikami played the role of Yasuyuki Sugishita, who was in sync with Eriko. Rina Koike plays the role of Mahiro Takasugi, a temporary worker. Atsushi Shinohara plays the role of Shoko’s husband, Kensuke Maruo. Shin Tamura plays the role of Hiroki Hashimoto, a clerk at Shoko’s favorite cafe “Turntable”. In addition, Kanna Mori will play Keiko Ogasawara, a former best friend who has a deep connection with Eriko’s past.

In the previous episode 7, Shoko (Yamada) wants to quit her diary blog, and Eriko (Mizukawa) argues without hiding her frustration. Even things that I didn’t want you to touch were brought out, and the relationship between the two became swamped. At the end of the battle, Eriko released Shoko and left, saying, “Neither you nor I are a race that a girl friend can never live for.”

Eriko (Mizukawa) and Shoko (Yamada) haven’t contacted at all since the day they last met. Eriko welcomes a spectacular Shuraba involving her colleagues Sugishita (Fuchigami) and Maori (Koike), and Shoko also goes back to her parents’ house without going well with her husband Kensuke (Shinohara).

Since they can only confirm themselves by interacting with others, the two who are obsessed with others and lose something important gradually begin to face their own problems.

And finally, what are the paths that the two chose …