Recommended for gifts! “Small flower arrangement” to decorate with your favorite vessel

The TOKYO FM program “NOEVIR BOTANICAL LIFE” delivers the concept of “botanical” = “plants” to improve beauty and energy.

In the broadcast on March 19th (Friday), we introduced a small flower arrangement that you can easily enjoy. The gorgeous bouquet arrangement is nice, but even with a small flower arrangement, you can spend a rich time by facing the flowers in your daily life. Mr. Mami Yamamoto, a flower artist, taught me.

Easy to enjoy small flower arrangement

◆ Enjoy with a “small” flower arrangement

Even if it is difficult to decorate your room with a full-fledged flower arrangement every day, you can easily enjoy a small flower arrangement. That is the flower arrangement proposed by flower artist Mami Yamamoto. The trick to getting started is to first choose a “vessel”. From your favorite glasses, cups, bottles, cans, baskets, and gift boxes, you can use various things around you as flower vases as long as you are careful about water leaks.

And if you combine seasonal flowers and fruits, the range of arrangements should expand. By hanging it on a tree branch and decorating it, or by adding a ribbon to add a sense of play, the expression of the flower will be different. The small and compact arrangement can be placed anywhere, casually, but it has a strong presence in the room.

Roses with various colors, shapes, and blooms can be decorated in a unique way according to the container. Not only can you insert it in a bottle, but you can also put it in a bottle with a wide frontage as it is and arrange it like a specimen.

Rose arrangement made with your favorite bottle

Arrangement of hanging roses on twigs with a ribbon. Color the walls and windows. You can use it as a dried flower and enjoy the color transfer.

Mobile arrangement with swaying roses

Put an oasis (water-absorbent sponge) in a dish-shaped container and insert it by taking advantage of the length of the rose stem. Decorate the oasis with pepper berries for a more stylish arrangement.

Arrangement of roses and pepper berries

Gerbera, which has abundant colors and shapes like roses, will have a fresh image if you add height differences.

Gerbera’s stylish arrangement

By arranging them in a matching cup and arranging them in a cute way, the gorgeousness will increase.

Zinnia and Monarda cup arrangement

Give a small flower arrangement and enjoy

Small flower arrangements are also recommended as gifts. If you stick to the ribbons and strings that bundle the bouquets, the materials for wrapping, the baskets and boxes that pack the flowers, and the frames, your thoughts will reach the other party even more.

Giving flowers means “giving the season.” The yellow color gives you an image of spring, so let’s use vitamin colors to bring your energy to life. The arrangement is complemented by wrapping it with white thin paper.

Spring bouquet range

Mini-sized glass boxes and baskets are also ideal for arranging gifts. Cut the oasis to fit the size and put it in, and insert flowers and plants. Use a basket for a natural arrangement. Easy to make and convenient to carry.

Gift arrangement of mini glass box

Spray rose and Erica basket gift arrangement

Even in a small arrangement, each flower has a presence and has the color of life. Feel free to decorate your favorite vessel and enjoy a rich life.

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