Rozan Ujihara, why I think that ancient and Chinese writing is “necessary” … Opinions on how to discuss

Comedy combination Rozan Fuminori Ujihara will appear on the official YouTube channel “Rozan’s dressing room” on the 14th. In the video entitled “[Education]Discussion of the Necessity of Ancient and Chinese Writing”, I developed my theory about “Owakon Theory of Ancient and Chinese Writing”, which has become a hot topic recently. Fuminori Ujihara of Rozan said that “the theory of ancient and Chinese writing Owakon” that “the ratio of ancient writing and Chinese writing should be reduced and practical lessons such as PC skills should be increased” is being discussed on SNS etc. I’m against losing ancient and Chinese writing, “he asserted. Regarding the reason, he said, “I think PC skills are important. It is better to increase such lessons.” “There are many other things that should be taught.” Will soon become unusable. There is a saying that “knowledge that cannot be used immediately can be used for the rest of your life.” If you do only practical things, you will lose depth. ” And, in response to the tone that “most people do not use ancient and Chinese writing after becoming an adult”, “I have studied this way of thinking, but instead of using it directly, I think of ancient and Chinese writing. , The way of thinking of mathematics, the way of thinking of history, the way of thinking of science use different parts of the brain. No matter what kind of work you get, you’re more likely to succeed. ” “The idea is that education is good for the person and good for the country, so I think it’s not good to think that you don’t use it when you grow up. If we do, we won’t even need the area of ​​the triangle. ” Ujihara also said, “This kind of discussion is necessary. It would be good if we, the amateurs of education, actively said it and sucked it up, and the researchers of education and the people of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology decided the curriculum.” On the other hand, there are also scenes where people complain about slander and rants that are often seen in discussions. “I don’t know how to talk to people who have different opinions.” “It’s important to learn that you shouldn’t say this when you give an opinion to someone.” He explained the need to learn how to argue, saying, “Education that does not attack or sarcastic the other person is the first. Compared to that, whether to continue or erase ancient and Chinese writing, either way. “Wow,” he was strengthening his words.