The movie “Chest Kimi” will be released in advance, and the theme song will be “In the Rainbow”

The preview of the live-action movie “My heart is ringing is your fault” based on Risa Konno has been released. The video starts with the words of Tsukasa Shinohara, the heroine played by Sei Shiraishi, saying, “If I noticed, I was chasing you all the time.” Tsukasa who confesses to Hayato Arima who plays Hidaka Ukisho (Bishonen / Johnny’s Jr.) is suddenly shaken as “I have only seen it as a friend”, and Tsukasa who keeps thinking of Arima without giving up gradually Arima’s changing feelings were depicted. In addition, Yasuhiro Hasebe, played by Mizuki Itagaki, tells Arima that he has a pretending attitude to Tsukasa, and Nanoka Hara, a former Kano Hasebe, who asserts that “Hayato-kun will definitely come back to me.” The appearance of Mayu was also captured. Furthermore, the theme song of the movie is decided to be “In the Rainbow” by Johnny’s Jr. Ukisho, a member of Bishonen, said, “I was very surprised when I heard the story! I think it’s a refreshing song that is perfect for” chest “, and that you can do your best even if you have a hard time. I think it’s really amazing to be able to sing the theme song of the movie, so I was very particular about recording. I definitely want you to listen to it at the theater! ” “It’s your fault that my heart beats” serialized in Betsucomi (Shogakukan) is a youth love story centered on Hayato Arima, a transfer student, and Tsukasa Shinohara, who keeps thinking of him even if he gets frustrated. The movie will be released nationwide on June 4th. Hidaka Ukisho (Bishonen / Johnny’s Jr.) Comment The boy will be able to sing the theme song of “My heart beats because of you”! The title is “In the Rainbow”. I was very surprised when you talked to me! It’s a song with a “chest-like” color that makes you want to say blue or white when asked about the color of the song! It’s a refreshing song that makes you feel the crush of love and the rushing feeling of youth, so I think you can do your best all day if you listen to it when you commute to school or work. Being able to sing the theme song of the movie is really amazing, so I got into the recording and took a lot of time to do it. I think it’s a song that makes you feel fresh so that you can do your best even if you have a hard time. At the perfect timing, “Here!”, The perfect end roll for this movie will be played! I want everyone to listen to it in the theater as soon as possible. Please look forward to it! Movie “My heart is ringing is your fault” June 4, 2021 (Friday) National Road Show Staff Original: Risa Konno “My chest is ringing your fault” (published by Shogakukan “Betsucomi Flower Comics”)
Director: Hiroto Takahashi
Screenplay: Rie Yokota
Music: KYOHEI (Honey L Days)
Production cooperation: Dream Plus
Production Production: Office Crescendo
Distribution: Toei appearance Hidaka Ukisho (Bishonen / Johnny’s Jr.), Sei Shiraishi, Mizuo Itagaki, Nanoka Hara, Hana Kawamura, Tokihide Wakabayashi, Yumena Yanai, Kaito Irie, Rina Asakawa, RED RICE (Shonan no Kaze) ) * Hiroto Takahashi’s high ladder height is the official notation. (c) 2021 Risa Konno / Shogakukan / “It’s your fault that my heart beats” Production Committee