Cocco “The initial impulse is born …” The secret story of the production of the new album “Kuchinashi”, which is the 11th work in total

TOKYO FM “Dear Friends of Miu Sakamoto” delivered by artist Miu Sakamoto. Singer-songwriter Cocco will appear as a guest on the broadcast on March 17th (Wednesday). Here, he talked about the 11th original album “Kuchinashi” released on February 17th (Wednesday).

From the left, Miu Sakamoto, Cocco

◆ The initial urge to make an album was born …

Sakamoto: The new album “Kuchinashi” was released on February 17th (Wednesday). Congratulations.

Cocco: Yeah! I was finally able to put it out.

Sakamoto: You made a lot of songs during the period of refraining from going out, and you announced your work at the stage of demo tape.

Cocco: I posted my work on YouTube and Twitter. At first, I was thinking of making an album that puts it together, but because I’m greedy, the current song, the current song … After repeating the work of reassembling the album about 4 times, I finally came to the point where I could release it.

Sakamoto: How did you make this album?

Cocco: When the song “Shiomichinu” first came out, the initial urge to make an album was born. I felt like I started production thinking, “This song will pull me.”

Sakamoto: At what timing was “Shiomichinu” born?

Cocco: About the next day when I was told to make an album. The songs were assembled in my mind, and I thought, “Oh, it might be an album.”

Sakamoto: Does Cocco’s album always have a key song?

Cocco: Probably there. Looking back, the song that always pulls the album first is the song of the initial impulse. I will assemble the album around it. Even if the production progresses, the songs that will be pulled will remain the same. The songs that were composed other than that are replaced with new ones. Even if the production stops in the middle, the song that will pull the album next will definitely come in, and that kind of thing will be repeated to move forward. And it feels like the album is complete.

Sakamoto: The ebb and flow of the tide. From Cocco’s song, I felt the power of nature and the atmosphere that does not appear in the future.

Cocco: Certainly. It may not have come up this time. It may have been accepted. I noticed it for the first time now (laughs).

Sakamoto: Yeah !? I don’t know if my feelings are correct (laughs).

Cocco: Yeah. It feels like “Oh, I see.”

Next week’s guests will be Shizuka Kudo on Monday, March 22nd, Atsushi Yanaka, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra on Tuesday, March 23rd, Remi Hirano on Wednesday, March 24th, and Thursday, March 25th. This is Aya Shimazu. Please look forward to it!

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