Do you make a design document? Is it okay to lock in? –Points to consider in low code development

Last time, I took up three cases about how the person in charge of the business department is involved in advancing low-code development and how to develop development skills in-house, and considered the merits of low-code development. Not only is it possible to develop a new system in a short period of time using low-code tools, such as a case where a new system was completed in a short period of two months led by the business department, and a case where 24 systems were developed annually. I hope you have fully understood that it is feasible to create new businesses, improve operational efficiency, and develop IT skills for IT departments and in-house personnel in business departments. This time, we will analyze the effects and factors of low-code development, and consider the points to be considered in low-code development and their countermeasures.effect

IT department perspective: Effect of reducing man-hours for system development

The biggest effect of low-code development is that the man-hours for system development can be significantly reduced. Even in the case introduced in Part 2, in the reconstruction of the core system in the construction industry, the man-hours have been reduced by up to 60% compared to the previous development method, which is a very attractive method for the IT department. is not it. (You can read more at Tech Republic Japan)