[March 20, today’s fortune]12 horoscope ranking (general, love, money luck, work luck, health luck)

Today is March 20, 2021. Mynavi News delivers “horoscope fortune-telling” every day. Introducing the ranking and lucky items of each constellation in general, love, money luck, work luck, and health luck. I hope it will be helpful for you. View of fortune ☆ 1: ☆☆ 2: ☆☆☆ 3: ☆☆☆☆ 4: ☆☆☆☆☆ 5: ☆☆☆☆☆ <1st place> Taurus (Aries): March 21st-April 19th General luck: ☆☆☆☆☆
The more kind you are to others, the more happy you will be! There will be an atmosphere of gratitude for each other with many people. The secret to best luck is not to interfere with anyone more than necessary.

Love luck: ☆☆☆☆
You might think too much, “Maybe you think this way” or “Do you want to say something like this?” However, if you relax without thinking about it, you will naturally have a conversation and atmosphere that deepens your affection. If you feel uneasy, take a deep breath.

Money luck: ☆☆☆
The information and knowledge of money that various people around us have is the luck that comes into you. For now, it seems good to concentrate on listening and gathering information. Then you can identify the stories that are really important to you.

Work luck: ☆☆☆
It is a work luck that allows you to have a good conversation while understanding the feelings of others. When I’m listening, I’m going to nod more than usual. On the other hand, when talking, it is important to be careful not to step into the other person’s private life.

Healthy luck: ☆☆☆
It seems that a new health method can be adopted as a result of a casual advice from a friend. Even if it costs money, it is good to invest today. If I started today, my friends will take my hand and support me even if I feel frustrated.

Lucky item: Binoculars

Lucky Color: Pastel Yellow March Click here for the fortune of Aries
[March Fortune]Fortune of Aries’ love luck and work luck <2nd place> Sagittarius (shooter): November 23-December 21 General luck: ☆☆☆☆☆
It’s a day when you can be greatly influenced by people, such as expanding your horizons and discovering new ways of thinking. Please actively engage with people who have a feeling of admiration and respect. And if you have any doubts, ask honestly. Love luck: ☆☆☆
It’s a good day to rely on your loved ones to listen to you and help you with difficult things on your own. Then, there seems to be a moment when you feel that the two are in step with each other. That feeling will help us to make progress.

Money luck: ☆☆☆
A day when you may end up spending unplanned money for things like thanks and celebrations. If you spend money while complaining, your fortune will go down! If you feel “thank you”, you will be able to have conversations and exchanges that will strengthen your relationship with money.

Work luck: ☆☆
It’s a day of luck where you can feel that you have strengthened trust and ties not only as a colleague but also as a person. Today, it’s more important to have a conversation with the people you work with than to move your work forward. In particular, it’s a good idea to speak soft sounds obediently. Healthy luck: ☆☆☆☆☆
Please go out positively today. You will notice small details that you do not usually notice, and various discoveries will be beneficial to you. Also, because it is full of energy, the impression from others is very good. The people you meet today will like you.

Lucky item: pencil

Lucky color: magenta

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[March Fortune]Fortune of Sagittarius’s love luck and work luck <3rd place> Gemini (twins): May 21-June 21 General luck: ☆☆☆☆☆
It’s a luck to be able to work on things with a sense of satisfaction and to be motivated many times more than usual. Avoid negative phrases and words on any topic. Speaking happily with a smile will make you more rewarding and motivated.

Love luck: ☆☆☆☆
It’s a good day to play with facial expressions rather than words. When you have something to say, first look closely at the other person. And it would be nice to put the feelings you care about in your facial expressions. The point is to never speak in a persuasive way.

Money luck: ☆☆☆☆☆
It would be nice to think about what I thought, “It costs a little money, but I want to do it someday.” You can take the plunge and do it. Motivation and fortune will increase, and the movement of money will gain momentum.

Work luck: ☆☆☆
Work luck that strengthens the climax of the desire to benefit people and the flow of getting cooperation from people! First of all, reach out to someone. Taking breaks from time to time and chatting is also a big point to further enliven relationships and work.

Healthy luck: ☆☆☆
It’s a day when you’re feeling weaker than you think. Even if I have something I want to do, I can’t keep up with my physical strength, and I’m likely to get tired more than necessary. Try to rest your body today even if your friend invites you.

Lucky item: Coin case Lucky color: White

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[March Fortune]Fortune-telling Gemini’s love luck and work luck <4th place> Scorpio (Scorpio): October 24th to November 22nd General luck: ☆☆☆☆
If you put your heart into it, you will be grateful. I am fortunate to have such a warm exchange. First of all, you should feel sympathy and sympathy for the people around you. The key to making the most of your luck is to convey it honestly in words and actions.

Love luck: ☆☆☆☆
When the feelings of “I want to encourage” and “I want to help” are conveyed, it’s a happy day to be loved more than I imagined! You don’t have to try to do something nifty from the beginning. It is a good impression to ask honestly, “What do you want me to do?” Also, move boldly to meet and reconnect. Money luck: ☆☆☆
Happy luck day when money grows! You can expect extra income. It is important to support people in order to make the most of this luck. Prioritize your friends and friends over yourself. It is also recommended to contact the person after a long absence.

Work luck: ☆☆☆☆☆
A day when interesting information is likely to come in from people who have worked with us, past colleagues, and people who have exchanged information about work. There is a great possibility that it will lead to future career advancement and success. Get in touch with you and have a casual chat.

Healthy luck: ☆☆☆☆
It seems that you can spend a pleasant and pleasant day. It feels good and you can be kind to others, and what you do today will lead to the trust of your peers and friends. Take a deep breath and calm down when you remember something you didn’t like in the past.Lucky item: Face towel

Lucky color: rose pink

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[March Fortune]Fortune of Scorpio’s love luck and work luck | Mynavi News <5th> Capricorn (goat): December 22nd to January 19th General luck: ☆☆☆☆
It is a day when the original charm is brought out. Today’s lucky people are those who often praise the people around them and those who don’t say anything. It doesn’t matter if you chat, so try talking. It’s great to be able to eat together.

Love luck: ☆
What do you want from the other person, what kind of person you want to be … Today, it seems that you will not understand well. You don’t have to give an answer today. “Let’s think about it again” and “I can understand it naturally”, it’s OK to hold it loosely.

Money luck: ☆☆☆
I am fortunate to be able to spend and manage money better than ever before. There may be moments when you can realize that you have gained the ability to make money. It is recommended to collect information on what you think you are most good at regarding money, such as investment and savings.

Work luck: ☆☆☆☆
It is a work luck that can greatly improve your ability. If you decide to “focus on this” and devote yourself to it, you will be able to do amazing things yourself. Don’t try to do anything else perfectly. It’s OK to rely on people obediently.

Healthy luck: ☆
Be careful of excessive diet. You are very tired today. If you pursue your ideals for yourself and do more than usual, your body will not be able to catch up and you will feel anxious. First, let’s think about how to make it last slowly and long.

Lucky item: Preserved flower Lucky color: Navy

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[March fortune]Fortune-telling Capricorn’s love luck and work luck <6th place> Taurus (cow): April 20-May 20 General luck: ☆☆☆
You will be able to move efficiently and use your time effectively. In the morning, it’s best to concentrate on what you can do alone. If you communicate with people such as contacting someone and SNS after the afternoon, the fulfillment of the day will increase many times!

Love luck: ☆☆☆
It’s a day when you can make discoveries to make a happier love. For that reason, let’s highly appreciate the part that you think “this is your personality” and the part that is often praised by others! Not only will your original brilliance increase, but your attention will also increase.

Money luck: ☆☆☆☆
It’s a day when you can use your money well. Please spend your time thinking about what and how much you should use it for a good balance, and if there is a part that can save waste. It seems that you will be able to see points that you have not noticed before.

Work luck: ☆☆☆
By accumulating over time, it seems that you can feel the results beyond your imagination! If you express your gratitude by paying attention to what you are receiving and helping from others, 〇. With a lot of cooperation, the results are likely to be even greater.

Healthy luck: ☆☆
Today you are more tired than you think. Don’t be overconfident in yourself, “because it’s always okay,” just stop and think about it. Get through with frequent rest and adequate hydration.

Lucky item: Brand back

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