Suzu Hirose x Kentaro Sakaguchi stare at each other 4 times in a row “Air Girl” chest Kyun photo release

The TV Asahi special drama “Air Girl” starring actress Suzu Hirose will be broadcast today (21: 00-). Prior to the broadcast, a photo of Komari, the main character played by Hirose, and Yuki Mishima, played by Kentaro Sakaguchi, was released. From the left, Kentaro Sakaguchi, Suzu Hirose = Based on the historical facts provided by TV Asahi, Hirose plays Komari Sano, the first CA (cabin attendant) = “Air Girl” after the war, who ran through the turbulent Showa era. Komari met Mishima, a young man who wanted to be a pilot, at a restaurant run by his aunt Chiyo (Yasuko Matsuyuki). Komari, who was involuntarily listening to the enthusiastic speech of Shizuo Matsuki (Hidetaka Yoshioka), the director of the aviation security department of the Ministry of Communications at the time, was blamed by Mishima, a subordinate of Matsuki. The first impressions were the worst of each other, but it turned out that Mishima was a close friend of Komari’s older brother who died in the war as a kamikaze member. Mishima leads Komari, who has a longing for the sky, to work as an air girl, and the two are gradually attracted to each other. The scene photos released in advance this time are cuts that hand over “something” from Mishima to Komari, and four shots of staring at each other in various scenes. The frustrating distance between the two people, which makes them feel “pure love” while staring at each other with a hot look, is impressive. What is the end of the pure love between Komari and Mishima in the postwar turmoil?