Haruka Ayase x Issei Takahashi “Heaven and Hell” BD & DVD to be released! Making video recording

The Blu-ray & DVD-BOX of the TBS Sunday Theater “Heaven and Hell ~ Psycho Two People ~” (every Sunday from 21:00) starring Haruka Ayase, which reached its final episode on the 21st, will be released on September 29th. It was decided that Bonus footage will include making, SPOT collection, etc. It also comes with a booklet. “Heaven and Hell ~ Psycho Two People ~” Blu-ray & DVD-BOX will be released This work is a switch entertainment where the souls of a female detective played by Ayase and a psychopathic murderer played by Takahashi are exchanged. Ayako Mochizuki (Ayase), a hard-working detective with a strong sense of justice and a strong tendency to ascend, and Yoto Hidaka (Takahashi), who has the back face of a psychopathic murderer who is ostensibly a good-natured manager. For a lifetime), the soul is replaced by the beat that fell down the stairs. Tasuku Emoto is a cohabitant who is too free to be intertwined with the two people who have been replaced, Kazuki Kitamura is a natural enemy detective who hunts down the criminal, and Junpei Mizobata, Yuri Nakamura, Katsumi Kiba, Yukino Kishii and other talented actors also appear. Ayase and Takahashi’s alternating performances and story considerations became a hot topic centered on SNS. In addition, the script has worked on numerous hit dramas such as “Crying Out Love in the Center of the World,” “Byakuyako,” “JIN-Jin-,” “The Emperor’s Cookbook,” and “Stepmom and Daughter Blues.” Yoshiko Morishita was in charge. (C) TBS