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Paravi official website In this article, I’m looking for a service where you can watch the video of “Meet Me After School” for free. I want to look back on the scene I was interested in “Meet Me After School”. I want to know if the rebroadcast is a TV broadcast For those of you who want to watch the latest drama that you missed for free now, how to watch the video of “Meet Me After School” for free now I will tell you. Conclusion: If you want to watch the “Meet Me After School” video for free, Paravi is recommended! From the conclusion,If you want to watch the video of “Meet Me After School” for free, there is a[2-week free trial service]Paravi is recommended.

List of video distribution services where you can watch this work for free

Delivery service name
Video distribution status
Free period etc.

Unlimited viewing

Free for 2 weeks ¥ 1,017 / month No points

Unlimited viewing

Free for 31 days ¥ 2,189 / month 600P

Amazon Prime Video
Unlimited viewing

Free for 30 days 500 yen / month No points

Free for 30 days 1,958 yen / month 1,600P grant


Free for 30 days ¥ 2,659 / month 1,100P


Free for 31 days 550 yen / month No points

No delivery

Free for 14 days 960 yen / month No points

Crank in!video
No delivery

Free for 14 days 1,650 yen / month 3000P grant

No delivery

No free period 990 yen / month No points

No delivery

Free for 14 days 1,026 yen / month No points * The table is as of March 2021. Please check each service for details. As you can see from the table aboveThe video of “Meet Me After School” is being distributed on Paravi, U-NEXT, TSUTAYA DISCAS, dTV, and Amazon Prime Video.

As I mentioned earlier,If you use Paravi’s first registration “2 weeks free”Now, you can watch the video of “Meet Me After School” for free. Paravi has the following service contents.

Free period
2 weeks

Monthly fee
1,017 yen (tax included)

Cancellation during the free period

Possible and up to 2

Multi-device registration
5 pieces

Profile registration
Up to 7 people

Compatible models
Other than game machines

Video genre
Drama / Movie / Animation / Variety

Unlimited viewing videos
10,000 or more

If you cancel Paravi during the free period, you can watch the “Meet Me After School” video for free at no charge. If you want to watch the “Meet Me After School” video for free right now, please consider using Paravi.

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Paravi Official Website You may have thought that U-NEXT and Amazon Prime Video are better than Paravi because of the longer free trial period. However, Paravi has more advantages than a short free trial period. I will tell you the specific contents from here. 5 Benefits of Watching the “Meet Me After School” video for free on Paravi There are 5 benefits of watching the “Meet Me After School” video for free on Paravi. There is a free trial period of 2 weeks for those who use it for the first time. You can watch the missed videos of the latest dramas on TBS TV and TV Tokyo for free. There is a director’s cut version of the drama works on TBS TV! Variety, anime, movies and video genres are abundant. You can receive a video rental ticket worth 550 yen every month when you continue. From here, we will explain in detail the above five merits.

There is a 2-week free trial period for first-time users

Paravi has a 2-week free trial period only for first-time use.

The reason why there is a free trial period is that Paravi wants people who are considering using Paravi to realize the goodness of the video distribution service.

When comparing Paravi with the quality, quantity, and usability provided by other video distribution services, a free trial period is set so that you can choose Paravi with a sense of conviction.

You can also watch overlooked videos of the latest dramas on TBS TV and TV TOKYO for free.

Paravi is strong in dramas on TBS TV, TV TOKYO, and WOWOW because it is a video distribution service jointly operated by these three companies.

Therefore, the new cool dramas of TBS TV, TV TOKYO, and WOWOW will be exclusively distributed only by Paravi, including overlooked video distribution.

If the TV programs and videos you watch often are biased toward TBS TV and TV TOKYO, Paravi will be a video distribution service that boasts high cost performance.

There is a director’s cut version of the drama work on TBS TV!

Ship of Theseus Downtown Rocket An Incurable Case of Love Good Wife MIU404 Paravi is delivering a director’s cut version of the TBS drama. If you have a TV broadcast version and a director’s cut version, we basically recommend watching the director’s cut version. The reason is that the director’s cut adds scenes that were cut due to the convenience of the broadcast frame. In addition, the newly broadcast drama has a spin-off work of 5 to 10 minutes. If you are enjoying the main drama, you can enjoy it even more by watching the spin-off work together.

Variety, anime, movies and video genres are also abundant

Variety shows are overlooked thanks to the official homepage, TBS FREE, and TV Tokyo. Thanks to the official homepage, TBS FREE, and TV Tokyo, variety shows are easy to miss.

However, since Paravi’s strength is premised on paid services, commercials do not flow on TBS FREE and the Internet, unlike TV Tokyo’s free overlooked distribution.

In addition to variety shows, you can watch anime and movies as much as you want, so you can watch videos of your favorite works right away without waiting. If you prepare a good communication environment and earphones in advance, you can enjoy your favorite videos anytime, anywhere.

If you continue Paravi, you will receive a video rental ticket worth 550 yen every month.

This will be a continuation, butIf you continue Paravi every month, you will receive a video rental ticket worth 550 yen.. Paravi videos include unlimited viewing and rental works, and rental tickets can only be used for rental works. It’s a great privilege to be able to watch just one video of a rental work for less than 550 yen for free every month. If you want to continue using Paravi, don’t forget to receive your video rental ticket.

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Paravi official website Paravi registration / cancellation procedure

[Paravi registration procedure]
[Paravi cancellation procedure]

Access Paravi official website Tap “New registration” in the upper right corner Confirm plan contents Create account Select payment method Login to Paravi Tap “Account information” in the upper right corner Tap “Confirm / cancel contract plan” “Cancel plan” Tap “Continue cancellation” → “Apply” Cancellation completed

Precautions for cancellation during the free trial period of Paravi

If you cancel during the free trial period of Paravi and register again, the free trial period will not continue.
If you cancel by mistake, you will not receive support and the free trial period will not be extended. I will tell you two measures if you are worried about the cancellation date and time. The first is to set up a notification to yourself of “cancellation” using the remind function of your smartphone from 20:00 to 23:00, 14 days after the date of registration with Paravi. The second is to write it on a piece of paper and keep it in a place where you can see it on a daily basis. If you take proper measures like this, you will not have to pay the Paravi renewal fee that starts on the 15th day.

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About TV rebroadcast of Paravi official website “Meet Me After School” Dramas broadcast on TV may be rebroadcast after a certain period of time depending on popularity and audience rating. The average audience rating of “Meet Me After School” was 6.9%, and in the final episode, it marked a personal best of 9.6%. I can’t say that it’s unlikely that it will be rebroadcast in the future, but I don’t know when it will be. If you want to watch “Meet Me After School” on a big screen TV, you can watch it using an external device. With Paravi, you can watch it without waiting for the rebroadcast of the TV, so please consider using it at this opportunity.

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Synopsis / cast of Paravi official website “Meet Me After School”

Title of work
Meet Me After School


On-air date

Theme song (ED)
Uru “Prologue”

Official site
Meet Me After School | Official Website

Official Twitter
Tuesday drama “Meet Me After School” | Official Twitter

Official Instagram
Tuesday drama “Meet Me After School” | Official Instagram

Official Facebook
Tuesday drama “Meet Me After School” | Official Facebook Wikipedia Meet Me After School | Wikipedia

Junko Kawakami “Meet Me After School”

Arisa Kaneko

Kiyoshi Suenaga: Kasumi Arimura / Akira Kuroiwa: Kenshi Okada / Katsutaro Kawai: Keita Machida / Ritsu Haraguchi: Yo Yoshida / Luna Iwasaki: Rina Ono / Junichiro Kuju: Tokihide Wakabayashi / Junki Shiraishi: Marin Nishimoto / Mitsuru Ebihara: Kazuyasu Kawaguchi / Yu Kosaka: Aonagi Nakata / Michiyo Shioya: Mari Natsuki / Tadayuki Tanabe: Masaki Kaji / Nobuhiko Irie: Atsuyuki Korechika / Mayumi Kasuya: Nobue Ikeya / Chizuru Niwa: Tomochika / Sotaro Aida: Kenji Yamagami / Kazuki Nogami : Dai Watanabe / Ayano Tachibana: Rinne Ishida / Miwa Tachibana: Eri Murakawa / Shigeru Uefu: Makita Sports / Aiko Kuroiwa: Yui Natsukawa / Kosuke Shimazaki: Goro Kishitani / Yuko Kawai: Nozomi Muraoka / Satoshi Suenaga: Tomoko Nakajima / Shun Isogai : Hijiri Sakurai / Yoshiro Niwa: Goro Buffalo A

Synopsis of “Meet Me After School”

A female teacher who is attracted to a student of a junior high school student who is 10 years younger than her fiancé, but the tingling of her chest does not stop … Forbidden x Pure Love Human Love Story Source: From “Meet Me After School”

【Episode 1】

After graduating from university, after working as a part-time lecturer in Japanese, Kiyoshi Suenaga (Kasumi Arimura) was assigned to Koboshi Junior High School in Koseidaira, a rural town. Although he became a teacher who had been a dream since he was a child, he was teased by the students in the 3rd grade who became the homeroom teacher as soon as he arrived, and the vice-principal Michiyo Shiotani (Mari Natsuki) warned him about his clothes. Somewhere, such as receiving it, the motivation runs idle. Among them, one of the students, Akira Kuroiwa (Kenshi Okada), is swayed by his actions that he does not know what he is thinking, such as giving a holy heartless word. On the other hand, he was in a long-distance relationship with his girlfriend, Katsutaro Kawai (Keita Machida), who had been in college, and had difficulty communicating with Katsutaro, who was busy with work. Holy loses his confidence as a teacher and feels uneasy about his relationship with his lover, but he struggles to face the students. Meanwhile, Akira goes out to play with his classmates Junichiro Kuju (Jiei Wakabayashi), Rina Iwasaki (Rina Ono), and Junki Shiraishi (Marin Nishimoto). Holy who learned about the incident …Source: Watch the officially distributed video for free from episode 1 of “Meet Me After School”

[Episode 2]

“I’ve come to like the teacher.” Sei (Kasumi Arimura) suddenly confessed by Akira (Kenshi Okada). But Holy was pardoning the word. One day, a meeting between Sei and Katsutaro (Keita Machida) is suddenly held. While Katsutaro is late due to work troubles, Sei conveys his thoughts as a teacher to the parents of both families, but eventually he is told to quit his job and is worried. Meanwhile, Sei, who was reminded of his feelings by Akira, is confused by Akira’s straight expression. Then, the sports festival of Koboshi Junior High School begins. Akira, who has been holy avoided, takes a bold action …Source: Watch the officially distributed video for free from episode 2 of “Meet Me After School”

[Episode 3]

Sei (Kasumi Arimura) finds Akira (Kenshi Okada) who accidentally falls while riding a bicycle on the night road, and raises him to his room to treat his injury. However, Katsutaro (Keita Machida) visits there, and Sei is very upset. On the other hand, Aiko’s mother, Aiko (Yui Natsukawa), learns about a case at Sei and Akira’s physical education warehouse on a bulletin board on the Internet and goes to see Holy. Meanwhile, a study camp of 3 nights and 4 days begins in Kosei, and Akira causes an incident with his classmates during the camp. Holy asks Akira why …Source: Watch the officially distributed video for free from episode 3 of “Meet Me After School”

[Episode 4]

At the study camp, Sei (Kasumi Arimura) noticed a special feeling for Akira (Kenshi Okada). Chizuru (Tomochika), who is worried about her, says, “If the students get serious, it’s over.” When his feelings are temporary, Holy comes into contact with Akira as a new teacher. On the other hand, Akira who can’t give up sends a holy email saying “I want to see you after the fireworks display.” Aiko (Yui Natsukawa) begins to doubt the relationship between the two. Summer vacation begins, and on a fleeting holiday, Holy prepares for the wedding while reading a wedding magazine. At that time, Katsutaro (Keita Machida) and Haraguchi (Yoshida sheep) were alone on an overseas business trip. Katsutaro is pressed by Haraguchi to make it clear if anyone else is holy attracted to him. Then, on the night of the fireworks display, Sei, who came to the venue on a patrol, witnessed the unexpected appearance of Akira. In addition, Katsutaro and Haraguchi also visited the venue, and the turbulent night began …Source: Watch the officially distributed video for free from episode 4 of “Meet Me After School”

[Episode 5]

Sei (Kasumi Arimura) and Akira (Kenshi Okada) kissing on the sandy beach at night end up having a match with Katsutaro (Keita Machida) and Aiko (Yui Natsukawa) in front of Sei’s apartment. After returning to me, Sei tries to talk to Katsutaro, but Katsutaro just says, “I believe.” The next day, Sei, who was called to school by Shioya (Mari Natsuki), explained the process so far in front of Aiko who was present. On the other hand, Akira learns that Aiko has gone to school, and goes to school, breaking the restraint of Kamifu (Makita Sports). There, I met Holy, who was ordered to be at home.Source: Watch the officially distributed video for free from episode 5 of “Meet Me After School”

[Episode 6]

Three years later-2018. Sei (Kasumi Arimura), who disappeared from the front of Akira (Kenshi Okada), broke up with Katsutaro (Keita Machida) and continued to teach at the same elementary school as Chizuru (Tomochika). It was holy that he had spent calm days, but he saw Akira in the general merchandise market he visited with his colleague Nogami (Dai Watanabe). Akira left Aiko (Yui Natsukawa) and stayed at her parents’ house in Kamifu (Makita Sports). Holy, the memories of the past are revived and upset. On the other hand, Katsutaro worked hard at the Tokyo head office to break through the past. However, Haraguchi (Yoshida sheep) returns to Tokyo as a new director. Meanwhile, when he learns that the student in charge, Ayano (Rinne Ishida), is behind in paying the excursion fee, he visits his mother, Miwa (Eri Murakawa).Source: Watch the officially distributed video for free from episode 6 of “Meet Me After School”

[Episode 7]

Holy (Kasumi Arimura) who touches the kindness of Nogami (Dai Watanabe) and seems to finally move forward. He told Kuju (Jiei Wakabayashi) that he decided to go out with Akira (Kenshi Okada) and Moruna (Rina Ono). One day, Ayano (Rinne Ishida), one of the children in the Holy class, collapses due to anemia caused by malnutrition while attending school. Sei calls Ayano’s mother, Miwa (Eri Murakawa), to the school and tries to be careful, but Miwa glares sharply, saying that if she goes any further, she will reveal the secret of Holy. Holy, who is surprised and does not speak much. Around that time, Aiko (Yui Natsukawa) learned that Sei continued to be a teacher, and was worried about what would happen if Akira knew about this. Hijiri and Nogami, don’t take Akira, Katsutaro (Keita Machida) and Haraguchi (Yoshida sheep). They were trying to break through the past and take a new path …Source: Watch the officially distributed video for free from episode 7 of “Meet Me After School”

[Episode 8]

Aiko (Yui Natsukawa) suddenly appears in front of Sei (Kasumi Arimura) who decides to associate with Nogami (Dai Watanabe). It was holy that he couldn’t hide his upset, but he tried to answer Aiko’s question, “Did you meet Akira (Kenshi Okada)?” Miwa (Eri Murakawa) who was watching such a situation approaches Aiko to explore the past of Holy. At that time, a learning presentation was approaching at Komiya Daiichi Elementary School. Holy was working hard with Nogami, but when he opened the door of the classroom one morning, no children were attending school … Furthermore, the incident three years ago between Holy and Akira became a guardian. Well known, mothers came in …! ?? On the other hand, Akira tries to convey her true feelings to Luna (Rina Ono), but Luna refuses to accept it at all. Uefu (Makita Sports) persuades Akira because he is worried and does not go to school or part-time job at all, but after a quarrel, Akira takes an unexpected action! ??Source: Watch the officially distributed video for free from episode 8 of “Meet Me After School”

[Episode 9]

Akira (Kenshi Okada) left the house to find his father and boarded the ferry alone, relying on the word “Yamaejima” written in a letter from his father, Goro Kishitani. Sei (Kasumi Arimura) decided not to meet Akira again, but he couldn’t let Akira say and act and jumped on the ferry. Then, the next day, they arrived at Yamaejima … On the other hand, Aiko (Yui Natsukawa), who was anxious about losing her son, visited the company of Katsutaro (Keita Machida). Katsutaro is frustrated by the actions of the two people, who do not care about their surroundings and are like an escape, and make holy calls over and over again. Haraguchi (Yoshida sheep) watches over him with anxiety. Meanwhile, Sei and Akira spent an extraordinary time on Yamaejima and felt a change in their feelings. Seeing what happened to me and the sacredness that speaks in my heart, the feeling of holyness reappears in the crystal.Source: Watch the officially distributed video for free from episode 9 of “Meet Me After School”

[Episode 10]

After spending the night alone at the campsite, Sei (Kasumi Arimura) and Akira (Kenshi Okada) finally shared their thoughts. On the day of leaving the island, Akira contacts Aiko (Yui Natsukawa), but it remains cloudy as to what she felt when she received the message. When I returned to the port of Tokyo, it was Holy Mother Satomi (Tomoko Nakajima) who welcomed Holy. Without Satomi listening to the words of the Holy, Holy and Akira are separated again. The next day, the two visit Aiko again, and Satomi tries to apologize for what her daughter did, but Sei decides to tell Aiko honestly about her feelings for Akira, but Aiko throws an unexpected word … On the other hand, Akira decides to go on to school in order to become independent in the future and to be recognized for his relationship with Holy. Meanwhile, a person under Akira visits … Akira and Holy, who once shared their feelings, will make new decisions from their respective positions.Source: Watch the officially distributed video for free from episode 10 of “Meet Me After School”

[Episode 11]

Holy (Kasumi Arimura) was taken to the police station on “suspicion of kidnapping a minor”. Akira (Kenshi Okada), who was with him, is also interrogated and continues to insist on protecting the Holy, but he is not dealt with because he is a minor. Even after being finally released, Aiko (Yui Natsukawa) picks up her cell phone and erases Holy’s contact information. At a later date, Aiko told me that she wanted to meet and talk. However, what was waiting for Holy at the meeting place on the day … Holy who lost everything and was faced with a harsh reality. What was the last answer she gave, with her feelings for Akira in her heart? And what is the end of “forbidden love”, the path each one chooses? Source: Watch the officially distributed video from episode 11 of “Meet Me After School” for free (Sho Hibanno) While learning WEB marketing, make use of the work of writing and media management so that we can introduce better products and services to users. I will endeavor to.

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