Hitachi opens DX flagship base “Lumada Innovation Hub Tokyo”-Former Japan MS Sawa becomes evangelist

Hitachi, Ltd. announced on March 22 that it will open “Lumada Innovation Hub Tokyo” on April 15 as the flagship base of the digital solution “Lumada”. At the beginning of the press conference, Mr. Hiroyuki Kumasaki, Chief Lumada Business Officer, Service & Platform Business Unit, Hitachi, Ltd., said about the new base, “We created it as a place to embody Lumada’s” connecting “. Co-creation activities to solve social issues. He said that he would be able to have direct dialogues with specialists in various industries and fields, and would prepare the most suitable space and equipment for workshops and prototyping. The design concept of Lumada Innovation Hub Tokyo is “Rakuchu Rakugaizu,” which is drawn on a pair of swords that transcend time and space. The design motif, “Suyari Kasumi,” is said to symbolize the combination of the various values ​​created by the various talents gathered here through digital transformation (DX). This will encourage ideas and inspiration through dialogue, and prepare a physical space and information environment that support the creation of innovation. Specifically, we provide five collaborative creation spaces “Meet-Up Square”, “DX Gallery”, “Co-Creation Studio”, “Mirai Atelier”, and “Incubation Base” that can be used online, from vision construction to commercialization. Support the collaborative creation process.

Lumada Innovation Hub Tokyo concept “Meet Up Square” and “DX Gallery” include digital human resources such as data scientists and design sinkers who are active at the forefront of DX, line control at manufacturing sites, promotion of work style reform, etc. You can have real and virtual discussions with experts who are familiar with the business and outside experts. By discussing while incorporating various knowledge and know-how, it is possible to build a framework for themes and activities to be tackled. “Co Creation Studio” visualizes industry trends and on-site situations while making full use of techniques such as workshops and ethnographic surveys that Hitachi design sinkers have cultivated through numerous cases as a collaborative creation methodology “NEXPERIENCE”. By doing so, we will promote the construction of a vision and the creation of ideas that gather the opinions of stakeholders. Then, with “Mirai Atelier” and “Incubation Base”, “Lumada Solution Hub” will be used as a platform for verification and implementation of digital solutions, and ideas will be realized quickly. In the Lumada Solution Hub, DX use cases and digital solutions cultivated by Hitachi and partners are sequentially registered and an environment is in place for access.

Lumada Innovation Hub Concept In addition, Mr. Yoshimitsu Kaji will be appointed as Lumada Innovation Hub Senior Principal and Mr. Sawaen will be appointed as Lumada Innovation Evangelist as leaders to strengthen DX promotion utilizing Lumada. Former Accenture Chief Marketing Innovator, Cinnamon AI Chairman and CSDO (Chief Sustainable Development Officer) Kaji will lead the operation of the Lumada Innovation Hub, the provision of consulting services, and human resource development. As a former Microsoft Japan executive officer and CEO of Lumada, Mr. Sawa will lead the external dissemination of Lumada-related measures, including the Lumada Alliance Program and Lumada Innovation Hub, as an evangelist for Lumada. At a press conference, Mr. Sawa said, “Digital has become the infrastructure of humankind,” and in line with that, “it is necessary to flexibly change the way we think and view things.” “I want to influence industrial areas that were not previously seen as digital targets,” he said. Innovation is born from the combination of various elements, and a hub for connecting them is important.

(From left) Mr. Hiroyuki Kumasaki, Chief Lumada Business Officer, Service & Platform Business Unit, Hitachi, Ltd., Mr. Sawamaru, who became Lumada Innovation Evangelist, and Mr. Yoshimitsu Kaji, who became Lumada Innovation Hub Senior Principal.