Takashi Saito “Learning is a festival of life!” _ What is the essence of learning after a pandemic?

We are now facing a situation that many modern humans have never experienced. In such an era, we are required to have the power to control ourselves, so to speak, self-control. What are your values, how do you perceive the current situation, and how do you act? By rethinking these things, it is necessary to find out the self-control and the existence of one’s own axis (belief) that does not shake no matter what happens. Attitude and motivation to learn are indispensable to acquire them. The cumulative number of books published so far has exceeded 10 million, and Professor Takashi Saito, a professor of the Faculty of Letters at Meiji University, who is known as a “master of knowledge,” will teach you the essence of learning. ■ Vibrant humans also stimulate negative situations Corona is a disaster that affects many people in various places, including the workplace, but depending on the way of thinking, it is rather a good time to confirm one’s values. You can also see that. To do this, thinking skills to “reconstruct” what is important to you are indispensable. This technology is useful because even if you can’t change the reality directly, you can change your way of thinking and the way you are. We are now required to take a positive attitude to greedily challenge thoughts and actions that we have never done before and make them important to us. The feeling of restructuring one’s lifestyle is very important. What can you think about lifestyle restructuring? Reading a feature-length novel is a good endeavor for learning. It takes a certain amount of time to dive into a wide and deep novel world such as Tolstoy’s “War and Peace,” which requires thinking (intellectual strength) and concentration. You will also need the physical strength to read through to the end. It is because of these kinds of thoughts and actions that we have not done so far that we can enjoy the fun that we have never experienced and discover our new lifestyle. In Thomas Mann’s The Magic Mountain, a young Hans Castorp recuperates with sanatorium and spends seven years with the people there, face-to-face, talking, and thinking in a state of immobility. Even in such an isolated situation, when we face each other seriously, something important is discovered and the young man grows up. What I want to say is that the situation that has been brought to us since the pandemic can be seen as a kind of stimulating experience. A truly energetic person sees even negative situations as a stimulus. And I think that the stimulating situation will further invigorate me. A truly energetic person may be waiting somewhere in his heart for a difficult situation. Of course, it doesn’t mean that many want to be unhappy, but that they enjoy irregular events. If the same event is repeated every day, each and every one of our lives will become commonplace and there will be no stimulation. However, when irregular situations occur in daily life, the brain is confused for a moment. Do you find it fun? Because of the difficult and unknown situation, it is also a unique opportunity to challenge what you can only experience at this time. ■ “Learning” means constantly acquiring new ways of thinking In my case, I think that I would not have conducted online classes, for example, unless I faced an irregular situation. I like to meet people in person, so I was the type of person who thought that classes should be live. However, if you need to give an online lesson, you can have a group discussion and make a presentation by sharing the screen. The attendance rate is also good, and you can have fun while looking at each other. I was wondering if online was such a good thing. Only when human beings are forced to change will they devise ways to respond to it. I realized that again. Many people are still financially or psychologically driven. “Kimetsu no Yaiba” was a big hit in 2020, but strangely, the pandemic may be a kind of demon. If you are eroded, you will not be yourself. However, in such a case, let’s proceed with a positive feeling that this situation is “prepared to be the fate of choice to impose on me” (a passage of the song “Kimetsu no Yaiba” insert song “Kimetsu no Uta”). Without it, I feel that the demons coming from behind will eat me. So always get a new way of thinking. Willing to learn new things, no matter what the circumstances. Then you can notice various things and your feelings. It is surprisingly good to have time to think alone, “I have never had such an experience with my family,” and even in difficult situations, it is necessary to actively think “I can have such an experience!” It is. That is the function of the head that controls oneself, and isn’t it “learning”? ■ Seeking “I don’t know, but it’s amazing!” I believe that true learning can be gained through the attitude of “always seeking a deep world” in addition to constantly acquiring new ideas. Nowadays, all kinds of information are overflowing on the Internet, and it is easy to obtain information optimized for oneself, and the situation of touching information through search engines and SNS is like walking in shallow water all the time. Thing. Even if you enter the sea, it is difficult to find fish even if you look for fish in places where the water is shallow around the ankles and shins. In a shallow world, we’re just getting sandy information that anyone can get, efficiently. Instead, you have to dive deeper to catch the fish. The power to constantly sink in search of a deep world — that is intellectual strength. And the most basic way to develop that intellectual strength is reading. For example, reading Dostoevsky’s “The Brothers Karamazov’s Brother and Brother” is clearly tiring. If you have multiple volumes of a book with hundreds of pages, you will find it “impossible”. So to speak, this is a book like a deep-sea fish lurking in the deep seabed. However, if you don’t dive thousands of meters per page, you won’t be able to enjoy the wonderfulness of the final scene of The Brothers Karamazov. There is no point in reading just the synopsis because it is important to have time to dive deep and deep with your own strength. In the process of training this latent power, intellectual physical strength is cultivated. When you read a novel like “The Brothers Karamazov”, you may find it “difficult” or “not sure”. However, the sinking power is also the power to challenge what you do not understand. Of course, if you don’t understand everything, you’ll be disgusted, but if you read it little by little, you should be able to come across “I don’t understand.” I don’t know, but I know that something is amazing. Experience such a feeling and try to taste it thoroughly. Then, you will want to know more. The work of this spirit is the intellect. Conversely, thinking “I’m not interested because I don’t know” is evidence of lack of intelligence. It can be said that the intellectual sensitivity is low. “I don’t know, but it’s amazing!” “It’s difficult, but it gives me strength.” It is because I feel this kind of feeling that I can continue to read what I do not understand, thinking “I want to challenge this unknown”. ■ “Don’t be jealous” is a proof of intelligence I think that the present age is an “era of intolerance.” Of course, society itself is advancing, and the system is becoming more tolerant in many ways. Then, whether the human beings living there are tolerant or widespread is not always the case. That’s obvious when you look at the Internet, and it’s full of abusive miscellaneous words such as jealousy and bashing. Earlier, I wrote that the work of the mind that “I don’t know, but it’s amazing!”, “That’s why I want to know more” and “I want to understand” is the work of the mind. And this work leads to “tolerance”. For example, in the way of thinking of things, the ability to know that “there is such a way of thinking” and “it looks like this from the standpoints of A, B, and C” is an attitude that allows others and ways of thinking that are different from one’s own. It is directly connected to. In other words, “not jealous” is a proof of intellect. Everyone has a feeling of jealousy of others, saying, “That person is crazy” and “Why am I not rewarded?” However, the strength to accept such a reality as a reality and try to understand it by oneself is the intellect. Without this strength, you will not be able to accept the reality that is inconvenient to you, and you will be in a dangerous state of being trapped in a selfish delusion. Realize the release from jealousy by intelligence. I think this is one of the goals and achievements of learning. If asked, which is more important, “loving” or “understanding”, I will favor understanding. Because love is volatile, but understanding is basically never lost. I don’t have much experience of “I can’t understand”, and I can think of it as new understanding accumulates. And as new understandings build up, there will be times when you can love again. For example, when a young child does not stop crying, with an understanding of modern science, one can think that “maybe an emotional instability due to a disorder such as serotonin deficiency.” You can calm down and deal with the problem if you know that it’s not the way you treat your parents, but the hormone deficiency in your brain. The opposite example of not being able to do this is when parents are mentally cornered and abused. Even if you have love, you can’t continue without understanding. If you develop the power of understanding, even if you talk to people from different countries or cultures, your feelings toward the other person will change, saying, “There is such a way of thinking” and “There is such a good point of view.” There are now exclusive people in the world who violently attack foreigners and people of different cultures, but intolerant people have abandoned their intellect. Even if I come across something that is difficult to understand, I think that the attitude of trying to understand it is needed in this crisis era. The fun of learning is to broaden your understanding and range of thinking. We usually see a very limited world, and if we change our position or perspective, a completely different image of the world will appear. It’s really fun to learn that there are many things you don’t know or understand. Learning something new can be said to make your life a “festival”. Rather than being useful for something, the act of learning itself is fun, and sometimes I encounter moments when my soul trembles. The pandemic gives many more opportunities to think and look at themselves, and I feel like we are entering an era of learning. You can think of it as the perfect time to turn your life into a festival, a difficult time. * This column is an excerpt from “” Super “Study Ability to Become a Weapon of Life” (President).Composition / Satoru Iwakawa (Godo Kaisha Slipstream) Photo / Isozo Enomoto

Takashi Saito Professor, Faculty of Letters, Meiji University. Born in Shizuoka prefecture in 1960. After graduating from the Faculty of Law at the University of Tokyo, he completed the doctoral course at the Graduate School of Education of the same university before reaching his current position. Received the Shincho Gakugei Award for “Regaining Physical Feeling” (NHK Publishing). “Japanese I Want to Read Aloud” (Mainichi Publication Culture Award Special Award, 2002 New Words and Popular Words Awards Top Ten, Soshisha) became a bestseller and created a Japanese boom. His books include “reading ability”, “communication ability”, “new academic ability” (all Iwanami Shoten), “speaking ability to improve chat ability”, “speaking power” (both from Diamond), and “adult vocabulary note” (SB Creative). , Co-authored “Gentle. Wisdom to walk 100 years of life ”(President).
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