Tatsuya Fujiwara, the promotion of the movie whose release has been postponed for one year is “already exhausted”

The public commemorative stage greeting of the movie “The Sun Does Not Move” was held in Tokyo on the 21st, and was attended by Tatsuya Fujiwara, Ryoma Takeuchi, director Eiichiro Hasumi, and Akapen Takigawa. Tatsuya Fujiwara and Ryoma Takeuchi (from left) attending the public commemorative stage greetings of the movie “The Sun Does Not Move” A live-action movie of the suspense novel “The Sun Does Not Move” by popular novelist Shuichi Yoshida. This work that became. It depicts an extreme non-stop suspense drama in which two men (Tatsuya Fujiwara and Ryoma Takeuchi) with a small bomb embedded in their hearts are on the verge of death. Fujiwara and Takeuchi say that 17 days have passed since the release and that the people around them have a good reputation. Fujiwara said, “Since each scene was shot like a climax in a long-term location that lasted for half a year, many people, including Koichi Sato, told me that it would have been difficult,” said Takeuchi. The co-star of the drama also went to see it in his spare time and said, “It was really good.” Speakers who saw this work for the first time in a long time on this day. Fujiwara said, “I started shooting in Bulgaria for half a year, but I got the feeling that I wanted to meet with Johan, Ichihara, Koichi and others for the first time in a while. Everyone’s feelings became one in a difficult environment. “I feel it,” said Takeuchi. “I thought it was a really cool movie, and I’m glad I found a lot of charm in a different way than I saw a year ago.” It is said that every time you watch it, you will discover a new charm. Initially scheduled to be released in May last year, it has been postponed to this month due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection. Fujiwara, who has done a lot of promotional activities due to that influence, said, “I will not do it anymore because I have continued to advertise (laugh). I decided not to do it anymore. I postponed it for one year due to the influence of Corona, but I advertised with Takeuchi for two years. I haven’t told you anymore because I’ve done it. I’ve exhausted it. “Takeuchi also introduced,” I’m calling a guest who can convey the charm of this movie more because I’ve really exhausted it. ” Appeared. “I have no experience after the screening because most of my usual work is for people who are going to watch the movie, so I put it in the work of the original author Shuichi Yoshida.” He enthusiastically expressed his thoughts. Fujiwara, who was impressed by the appearance, asked the audience, “How was everyone?” Takeuchi, who has worked with Akapen Takigawa many times, said, “I thought it was amazing this time. No, I’m glad. I hope you can talk about the charm of this time.” It was rounded.