TEPCO EP introduces AI-based telephone response–about 75% of responses are unmanned

NTT DATA announced that TEPCO Energy Partner (TEPCO EP) will introduce a service that automates telephone response operations using artificial intelligence (AI) in the reception-related operations of power supply services. According to the preliminary verification, about 75% of the response was completed unattended. This service is provided by combining NTT DoCoMo’s AI-based telephone answering technology with NTT DATA’s RPA (Robotic Process Automation) product “WinActor”. It automates business processes such as PC operations that accompany the operator’s telephone response, reducing the work load. For the introduction at TEPCO EP, NTT DATA is planning from the introduction to the start of the service and designing, implementing and adjusting scenarios for automatic response work. It is said that it will reduce the waiting time for customers by automating the PC operation when answering the phone and the PC processing that is performed by passing the request received by the operator to another person in charge. From August to November 2020, TEPCO EP will verify whether it is possible to respond to telephone calls (acquisition of personal information such as name / address / telephone number), complete response without manned response, and shorten response time per call. did. As a result, 233 out of 310 cases were completed unattended (about 75%), and the telephone response time per case was reduced by 70%.