Announced complete domestic storage of LINE, personal data, etc.

Regarding the problem that the user data of the “LINE” app could be accessed from overseas, LINE and its parent company Z Holdings (ZHD) announced on March 23, “Special Committee on Global Data Governance” by newly established outside experts. Held the first meeting of. At the beginning of the meeting open to the press, Mr. Takeshi Idezawa, President of LINE, was in charge of accessing some data in China, and data such as talk images and videos were stored overseas. He said that he did not give sufficient explanation in the privacy policy for users. Mr. Dezawa said that he had already taken measures to terminate access to operations and data in China, and in the future, all data including services for local governments will be moved to Japan and will be switched to complete storage by the end of 2021. He said he plans to revise the privacy policy to increase transparency and conduct audits to strengthen data governance. Kentaro Kawabe, President and CEO of ZHD, announced that the parent company will promote a series of LINE initiatives, and said, “We will publicize the status of initiatives as much as possible while conducting external audits.” The two companies will explain the situation to the government’s Personal Information Protection Commission on the same day, and will hold a press conference at night to explain the situation and efforts.