Asahi Mutual Life Insurance builds “image processing platform” to speed up procedure work

Asahi Mutual Life Insurance Co., Ltd., in collaboration with Canon Marketing Japan (Canon MJ) and Canon IT Solutions, has built a platform “image processing platform” to reform the business process of form processing such as insurance contracts and payment operations. Announced by Canon MJ. Asahi Life introduced Canon MJ’s OCR (Optical Character Recognition) solution in 2017, and digitized manual operations such as data entry and item confirmation from different forms of medical examinations for medical assessment at the time of insurance coverage. , It is said that the time required for the procedure to conclude the contract has been reduced by 20%. Since then, we have been promoting business process reforms that incorporate RPA (robotic process automation) and AI (artificial intelligence). The image processing platform constructed this time will be linked with the cloud-based AI-OCR “Capture Brain”. CaptureBrain is characterized by the security of confidential information and the recognition rate by continuous learning. With Canon’s original image correction technology and high-precision form recognition technology by AI, image correction, automatic classification of form types, standard / non-standard You can perform OCR processing of printed and handwritten forms at once. In order to improve the reading accuracy of OCR, it is also equipped with a dictionary function that selects the optimum engine for each OCR item and automatically corrects the OCR result. Asahi Mutual Life Insurance has reduced operations in new contracts and payment operations by 25% (equivalent to procedure time) by introducing an image processing platform. The platform also links with business systems via APIs, strengthens the functions of workflow systems, and can automate a series of business flows from contracts to maintenance without interruption. In the future, it will be used as a common OCR platform for each department’s operations to promote automation of overall business processes across departments.

Image (Source: Canon Marketing Japan)