G-Cup actress Natsuki Kawamura’s “completely uncensored” photobook other cut is exclusively released, photographed by Lily Franky

Natsuki Kawamura has appeared in the FLASH editorial department’s gravure masterpiece selection “glamorousFLASH” (Kobunsha), which will be released exclusively on Seven-Eleven and Seven Net on Tuesday, March 23.

[Photo]Natsuki Kawamura’s uncensored G cup, other cuts[15 points]

Natsuki Kawamura has been active as a race queen since 2017 and won the “Japan Race Queen Award 2019” Grand Prix and “Race Queen AWARD 2019”. Since then, he has been active as an actress and talent.

The first photo book “Real me” was shot and supervised by Lily Franky, and the theme is “completely unprocessed, completely uncensored” by showing “Natsuki Kawamura as it is”. It is a photo book of G-cup actress determination.

In “glamorousFLASH”, the other cut is exclusively posted. Kawamura said, “There are some cuts that show the natural bruises as they are. By showing them without being shy this time, I have gained the strength to accept myself more than before. “.

In “glamorousFLASH”, a total of 43 beautiful women are recorded from the actresses and talents who are thrilling now, 19 gravure idols, and FLASH magazine’s popular serialization “Women’s Travel Real” and “FRESH GIRL Age of Discovery”. It is a full 128 pages containing unpublished cuts that will be released for the first time in Japan.

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