KPMG launches DX promotion specialist group weaving support service

KPMG Consulting has launched a service to help companies build a specialized organization for promoting digital transformation (DX). It is said that it will support the construction of a scheme for the company itself to promote customized DX. The company calls the DX promotion organization “Digital Transformation Management Office (DXMO)”. In order for companies to promote DX, DXMO should be installed directly under CIO (Chief Information Officer), CDO (Chief Digital Officer), CDXO (Chief DX Officer), etc. In the new service, formulate and execute DX strategies that are consistent with management strategies, define human resources for promoting digitalization, secure talent, build digital processes, formulate new business models, and knowledge. Supports the construction of an organization responsible for collecting and sharing digital transformation. Until now, it has provided consulting services that make use of digital technology, but it is said that it will support DX promotion together with advisory services related to schemes for promoting DX strategies.

Main role of “Digital Transformation Management Office”, Source: KPMG Consulting