Misako Renbutsu with a bouquet, what is true happiness … “Ideal man” visual & artist release

The opening theme and ending theme of TV TOKYO’s new drama Paravi frame “Ideal Man” (starting April 7th, every Wednesday from 24:40), starring actress Misako Renbutsu, was revealed on the 24th. The drama “Ideal Man” is a live-action version of Chika’s comic of the same name, which has been serialized in LINE Manga and has exceeded the cumulative total of 3.8 million views to date. A 32-year-old single hairdresser, Misako Renbutsu, who has been absent from romance for many years, is the main character, and she draws a realistic romance pattern of Arasa girls. Kana Adachi’s “No Makeup” will be the opening theme, and Ohashi Chippoke’s “By Your Side” will be the ending theme. In addition, the key visuals will also be released, and four people, Marisa (Mina Fujii), Takano (Toshiki Seto), Keigo (Ryosuke Mikata), and Mitsuyasu (Masanobu Ando), who surround Toko, will appear. For the two heroines in different positions, what kind of man is the ideal man they derive, and from the facial expression of the lantern holding a bouquet, he finds out what true happiness is and makes him feel full of joy. It’s visual. In addition, a Twitter present campaign will be held to commemorate the broadcast of the drama.

Kana Adachi comment

I sang “No Makeup” as the opening song.
I was very happy to hear from you. This time, while thinking about the content of the drama, I also read the original and made a song. I put in the lyrics the worries of an adult woman’s love, the worries of comparing myself with friends around me, the feelings I feel while working, and my thoughts in my casual daily life. The tune was created with the image of expressive characters. I hope this song reaches many people as the opening of “Ideal Man”.

Ohashi Chippoke Comment

When I learned that I was in charge of the ending theme, I was very happy and grateful.
“By Your Side” is a song created with the theme of the frustration of people who seek only grounds as they grow up and become unable to express their honest feelings.
I’m 22 years old now, but the characters in the story are even more mature than I am, so I think I’ll be living even more worried about that frustration.
I feel that “By Your Side” is a gentle song that relaxes the hearts of those who have such troubles and pushes their backs warmly.
I hope you enjoy it with a wonderful drama.