Shiseido Introduces IT Finance Management Infrastructure–Strengthens Strategic IT Investment

Shiseido has introduced SaaS “Apptio” that realizes Technology Business Management (TBM). In this way, we will promptly make IT strategic investments for business growth with rational judgment. The company aims to improve productivity by expanding technology investment, including in the digital domain, while implementing structural reforms, process and system standardization at the global level. Against this background, standardization and unification of IT projects and operation and maintenance management throughout the Group, including precise management of IT budgets and achievements at the global level linked to management strategies, and collaboration with ServiceNow (ITBM and ITSM). Is being promoted. TBM is a methodology advocated by Sunny Gupta, the founder of Apptio in 2007. It is a method of integrated management from IT resources to the needs of business divisions, and it will manage technology management resources (people, goods, money) and investment needs in an integrated manner, and will practice maximizing the value of IT. In the future, we will change to a management process that presupposes IT budget formulation, performance management and analysis in Apptio, and clarify the baseline (system maintenance and operation costs) in the entire IT budget. We will formulate an IT strategic investment plan based on the baseline and restructure a series of forecast and actual management processes in the IT domain to improve management accuracy.