Ami Suzuki, dexterously “always” while “since becoming a mother”

Ami Suzuki, a singer and talent, took the stage at the talk show “BIOPLE FES VOL.12” Live Intentionally My Action Opens the Future “” held in Tokyo on the 25th. Ami Suzuki Suzuki explained about her skin, “If you don’t keep your skin moisturized, it will become dry.” “I think that skin care is not enough, so I pay attention to my eating habits.” I try to eat a lot of protein that is good for my skin, and I eat a high-protein diet that makes me feel like an athlete. After that, dark vegetables and fruits contain blueberries and other nutrients that are good for my skin. I try to take what I have every day. ” He also said, “I’m really into spices in cooking. About 1000 years ago, spices were also medicine. It’s good for my body, it’s delicious, and two birds with one stone. I’m cooking. ” Suzuki, the mother of two children. “I can’t take the time for myself. It’s always” while “. I pack the lotion while doing something. So I became a little dexterous after I had a child. For myself. Instead of taking time, I started to think about how to use that “while” skillfully while cooking, cleaning up, playing with my children, “he said after becoming a mother. He also revealed the change with a smile. “BIOPLE FES” is an exhibition where you can find the latest organic items sponsored by the natural and organic select shop “Biople by Cosme Kitchen”. A beauty and health drink “Fermented Seven Plus +” was also introduced, and Suzuki said, “In my late 30s, my skin isn’t moisturized year by year. Therefore, I think that drinks are highly recommended for women like me who are suffering from dryness every day. ” “Fermented Seven Plus +” will be on sale from April 13th at “Biople by Cosme Kitchen” and online shops nationwide.