IBM simplifies hybrid cloud security–new services expanded

IBM announced new and enhanced services on March 24 to help enable an integrated security approach in a hybrid cloud environment. The expanded portfolio of IBM Security Services for Cloud enables enterprises to implement consistent security strategies across hybrid cloud environments. Bringing together IBM and third-party technology, IMB expertise, to help enterprises build an integrated security approach across the cloud ecosystem. Supported by IBM specialists with expertise in managing security across multiple cloud environments such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. The new service will leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and automation to identify risks, prioritize them, and address potential threats across the cloud environment. Then, the obtained data is linked with a wide range of security operations and on-premises systems. Vikram Chhabra, Global Director of Offering Management and Strategy at IBM Security Services, said, “Cloud security is driving a wide range of attack surfaces, shared responsibility models, cloud platforms and tools for defenders. “It may seem difficult to face,” he said. “We can’t expect a legacy security approach to work with this new operational model. Context, collaboration, and visibility in any cloud environment. Security must be modernized, especially for the era of hubrid cloud, with a strategy based on the principle of zero trust that brings together gender. ” The new services include new advisory and managed security services that reduce the risk of cloud misconfigurations and provide insights into potential risks and threats. Container security services are also provided. It also integrates with IBM Security X-Force Red vulnerability management to enable you to discover and analyze container-related vulnerabilities and prioritize countermeasures.