THE RAMPAGE ・ RIKU starring for the first time on the first stage! 6 members appear on the stage of “ETERNAL”

The REAL RPG STAGE “ETERNAL” starring RIKU, Jin, Shogo Iwaya, Itsuki Fujiwara, Makoto Hasegawa, and Takahide Suzuki from THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE has been announced on the 25th. From the left, Shogo Iwaya, Makoto Hasegawa, RIKU, Itsuki Fujiwara, Takahide Suzuki, and Jin are the stage productions of MMORPG (massively multiplayer role-playing game) “ETERNAL”. Rembrandt, the legitimate successor to the exiled country of the Holy Land of Nordania, the Principality of Lotsfort, lost his hometown and father’s life to the multi-ethnic group Ordo, and his favorite brother disappeared. In order to regain his hometown, he set up a “holy pledge” and marched to the DeLand region with his friends. It’s an adventure fantasy that depicts the love of friends and family, spun with music, dance, battle, and whole-body acts. Japan’s leading creator Yoshitaka Amano, LUNA SEA who sings the theme song “PHILIA”, and MONACA who has worked on many famous game songs have participated, and the cumulative number of DLs has exceeded 500,000 in one month from the release. The stage has already been decided, and six people selected from THE RAMPAGE will rampage on the stage. The performers will be the vocalist RIKU, who will be the first stage of this work and will be the first starring role, and the leaders and teams who are expanding their activities in various fields such as TV and radio as well as performances, each of which will perform movies, dramas, and stages. Performers Shogo Iwaya, Itsuki Fujiwara, Makoto Hasegawa, Takahide Suzuki who have experienced and are expanding the range of actors. In addition to the appearance of Masaya Kato, an international actor who has an overwhelming presence as a special guest, Nobuo Kyo will also appear. It consists of two parts, a stage part and a LIVE part. In some stage parts, a full-scale play based on “ETERNAL” is performed, and in the live part of the second part, it is different from the live of THE RAMPAGE, etc. We will deliver an original special live that you can not see. We have also decided to produce a completely new song. Directed by Akiko Kodama, live directed by Go Ueki, and written by Hide Katsuragi. The performance will be from May 2nd to May 7th, 2021 at the TBS Akasaka ACT Theater.

RIKU comment

Hello! It is RIKU.
From THE RAMPAGE, Jin, Shogo Iwaya, Itsuki Fujiwara, Makoto Hasegawa, Takahide Suzuki, and myself RIKU will appear on the stage “ETERNAL”. By appearing on this stage, I am excited to expand the entertainment possibilities of THE RAMPAGE and to bring new appearances and shapes to everyone.
Especially for myself and the team, this stage is full of first challenges, but I will do my best so I hope you can look forward to it. We would like to make the best work with the help of wonderful actors and staff teams, so please come and join us for the stage “ETERNAL”! We are waiting for you at the venue. (C) ASOBIMO, Inc. (C) YOSHITAKA AMANO (C) LDH JAPAN