Visualize the invisible underwater environment–Examples of using remote tools

IT remote tools are widely used for remote computer support, but they can also be a means of streamlining various field operations. At a briefing held by TeamViewer Japan, which handles remote tools, the user’s Environmental Simulation Laboratory and Sakura Internet presented an example of a research survey on water resources.

At the briefing session where efforts in the water resources field were introduced as one of the remote tool applications, TeamViewer introduced efforts to protect the environment such as reducing carbon dioxide emissions and improve the efficiency of on-site operations by utilizing the company’s products. thing. According to an analysis conducted by the company with the German research agency DFGC, 54 use scenarios and 216 users, such as the effect of reducing carbon dioxide emissions when replacing car travel for on-site maintenance work with remote tools. According to the profile and surveys of more than 1000 companies, it is possible to avoid carbon dioxide emissions of 37 million tons per year and 40,000 tons per user per year. Mr. Takahiro Komiya, General Manager of Business Development Department, said, “In the case of Japan, it is possible to avoid the emission of 970,000 tons, which is equivalent to 267,000 diesel trucks.” did. For example, the German shipping company mareSystems used to send engineers on a helicopter to the sea when equipment on board a ship breaks down, but by replacing this with a remote tool, the burden is reduced. Was done. When physical work such as equipment replacement is required, the technician can handle it by instructing the sailors on the work method with a remote tool. The Environmental Simulation Laboratory is engaged in system development and information processing services related to the marine field. The company has introduced a remote tool to remotely maintain a “GPS data logger” that is mounted on fishing boats and collects data such as fishing ground location information, operating hours, and fishing grounds. GPS data logger data is provided to local governments and educational institutions engaged in water resources research via a mobile communication network, and the range of influence caused by equipment troubles is large. Mr. Yoshinobu Kodaira, CEO, said, “There are equipment in fishing ports and fishing boats nationwide, and there are many remote islands and remote areas. We are performing maintenance and repairs on site, but it is now possible to know the status of equipment remotely, which is a problem. It has become possible to deal with it before it happens. Now that the movement of people is severely restricted by the corona disaster, it is highly evaluated by fishermen. ”

Example of combining with “GPS data logger” of Environmental Simulation Research Institute The company is said to be participating in the Japan Foundation’s seafloor exploration technology development project (commonly known as DeSET PROJECT), and is also a GPS data logger for drawing the world’s seafloor topography. I am using. Mr. Kodaira said, “We will send data such as vessels and catches to the data center via the cloud. We will also cooperate with Sakura Internet in these places.” Sakura Internet is engaged in research and development that utilizes data such as devices and time and space at the Sakura Internet Research Institute, an internal organization, and is conducting underwater surveys in it. Naoto Matsumoto, a senior researcher, said, “We are proceeding with research and development of visualization technology that links data from various devices such as fishfinders. Although on-site work is restricted by the corona virus, remote tools are used. We are responding to this. ” As an example, Mr. Matsumoto introduced an experiment to visualize the topography of Senzokuike in Senzokuike Park in Ota-ku, Tokyo in high definition. The company reportedly measured the terrain using commercially available fishfinders that can be purchased nearby. Senzokuike is an urban park that is a place of relaxation for families to enjoy by boat, but the water in the pond is muddy and it is very difficult to visually measure the terrain. In the experiment, for example, at a place where the water depth is about 1 meter and the transparency is less than 20 cm, a 455 kH sound wave is applied to the bottom of the pond, and the reflected data is collected and processed, and then projected onto a PC remotely. As a result of this visualization, the topography of the bottom of the pond was reproduced in high definition, and the detailed situation such as the appearance of aquatic organisms living in a depression of several centimeters was clarified.

The topography of Senzokuike (Ota-ku, Tokyo) visualized by Sakura Internet using general-purpose devices and remote tools Mr. Matsumoto said, “The remote tools can visualize the underwater environment in real time and be useful for research. We would like to support the utilization of data beyond the data center (of the company’s main business). ” Mr. Komiya of TeamViewer Japan said, “Of course, the remote tool itself does not reduce greenhouse gases, but I would like to introduce the point that various uses of the remote tool can eventually contribute to environmental protection.”

Mr. Takahiro Komiya of TeamViewer Japan, Mr. Yoshinobu Kodaira of Environmental Simulation Laboratory, Mr. Naoto Matsumoto of Sakura Internet (from left)