What is the key to “digital democratization” that enables DX of large companies and field-led kaizen brought about by organizational autonomy and cooperation?

Various changes associated with the pandemic of the new coronavirus infection are accelerating the digital shift in society. In the business domain, the movement of digital transformation (DX) has progressed, and the standard equipment around IT in business has also changed. Remote tools and collaboration tools that can work as usual even in remote areas have become widespread, and business applications are generally used in combination with cloud services provided by IT vendors, rather than being developed by the system department for their own company. It has become. Due to this digital shift, activities such as “Kaizen” that have been carried out in the manufacturing industry have begun to occur even in the field-based digital utilization. People in the field have noticed that they can master IT and digital, and they are not being forced from above, and they are improving their working styles. DreamArts’ business digitization cloud service “SmartDB” has been adopted by many large companies as the foundation of digital kaizen for such organizations. How does “SmartDB” enable on-site kaizen? “Digitalization of business processes” should be emphasized in DX With the advent of the Corona disaster, the working environment of business workers has changed. Due to the need for a digital shift, which the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry pointed out as the “cliff of 2025,” companies that understand the essence of DX and digital utilization have begun to prepare the digital environment in the wake of the Corona disaster and move on to the next stage. There is. On the other hand, many other companies are forced to work in cramped and risky environments. DX is a long way to go beyond simply preparing a physical environment to improve and streamline operations, and to create new value using digital technology.In the existing framework, the system department The burden on the system is also great. Therefore, a clear policy for realization is needed. What should be done to realize DX? Mr. Daisuke Masumoto, Executive Officer, General Manager of Co-creation Partner Promotion Division, DreamArts, said that there are three elements: (1) digitization of in-house products / services, (2) business model updates, and (3) digitization of business processes. List. Above all, he explains that digitization of business processes is important in order to realize DX conversion in the in-house services of (1) and (2). “A new service is about trying 10 times and succeeding once. Even if it succeeds, it is just the first step, and even if it succeeds in the challenge, it is a business to continuously improve the business. Poor operations will eventually overtake competitors. If you’re trying new services on DX, you should also work on digitizing your business processes at the same time. It is necessary to build a business operation that can update services while listening. ”(Mr. Masumoto) Escape from partial optimization and accelerate digital transformation In fact, digitization of business processes itself has already been carried out within many companies. It has been. However, it is the digitization of partial processes by spreadsheet software, e-mail, or the introduction of individually optimized systems, and there is a division between each business. Furthermore, inefficient paper work, which is symbolized by “hanko attendance”, which was regarded as a problem due to the corona virus, remains everywhere, and the digitization of the “whole” business process has not progressed. In response to this situation, workflow tools for digitizing business processes and no-code / low-code development products that can be used without programming skills have appeared, and are attracting attention as tools for promoting DX. There is. However, Mr. Masumoto points out that simply using them to build paper operations and workflows is merely computerization and does not lead to essential problem solving. “Even if you make a business into a workflow, if you do not change the previous and next work and input information, the spreadsheet will only be accumulated in the digital tool and the work will not be efficient. Not only the workflow but also the spreadsheet so far It is necessary to create a database of the data itself entered in the sheet and run the business, and to digitize the entire process by linking the subsequent processing with cloud services etc. “(Mr. Masumoto) However, the business process The problem of lack of IT human resources is a barrier to making it digitally based. While there is a movement to in-house system development within user companies, there is an overwhelming shortage of IT human resources who understand the latest digital, let alone within the company, even in Japan. Therefore, DreamArts advocates “digital democratization.” Digital democratization is a state in which the system department does not “create” the business system, but the user takes the initiative in “creating” it. “If the people in the field department who are most familiar with the business can develop the system by themselves, we can promote the digitalization of the business, that is, the digital kaizen, with an unprecedented sense of speed. The number of such members will increase to one or two. If it becomes a company-wide initiative, it will foster a corporate culture that supports DX with confidence and confidence that the field can utilize IT closer to us, “explains Mr. Masumoto. Digital platform “SmartDB” adopted by large companies “SmartDB” is the platform that supports this digital democratization, that is, the digitization environment of field-led autonomous operations. “SmartDB” is a no-code / low-code development cloud service that makes it easy to create applications that digitize operations, and is equipped with workflow, document management, information sharing, and system integration / linkage functions. It is the basis for improving business processes, and the part that can be expected to have the effect of developing IT human resources by mastering the tools has been highly evaluated, and has been introduced to many large companies and organizations such as Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Japan Airlines, and Kyocera. “SmartDB” has four functions to configure the business of “form creation”, “workflow”, “database”, and “communication”. By utilizing “SmartDB”, business departments will be able to easily promote the digitization of their business. When developing a business application, you can easily define an input form without programming, and a PC screen and a mobile screen are generated at the same time. More than 40 types of business templates are prepared, and you can easily develop a business application that suits your company by making minor modifications. In addition, it has a function to automatically generate a business application just by registering a simple spreadsheet form with Coronavirus. When designing a business process, it is possible to flexibly deal with complicated business flows that cross departments peculiar to large Japanese companies. In addition to automatic route setting, process setting is a mechanism that allows you to select and set a similar approval route from the template, such as conditional branching, designated remand to the approver in the middle, adding the approver in the middle, etc. on the screen You can design complex workflows with settings. Sophisticating work styles in collaboration with Microsoft 365 and Teams Another feature of “SmartDB” is that it is easy to link with other systems and SaaS as a cloud service. If you use API or Webhook, you can set the cooperation without developing add-ons on the screen of “SmartDB”. With the recent evolution of working styles, in addition to being able to link with “Microsoft 365” and “Microsoft Teams” used by many companies as standard, automation of electronic contract work by linking with various electronic contract services and “Sansan” Customer information can also be linked with marketing services such as “Marketo” and “Salesforce”. Among them, collaboration with collaboration tools is especially effective as a way of working in Corona. By linking “SmartDB” with Microsoft 365 Teams and “Microsoft SharePoint”, it can function as an advanced digital platform that promotes in-house DX. For example, you can check the contents of documents and workflow information registered / applied for in “SmartDB” with Teams and approve them. “Teams, which is usually used as a communication platform, will be the entrance to the business system and the basis for business execution. Notifications will also be sent to mobile, so you can quickly notice and check information that you only noticed on your PC. In that case, it is possible to set notifications for each business, and it is also possible to automatically notify according to the contents of the document and automatically post the contents of the application document to the notification body with no code. “(Mr. Masumoto)” The three-dimensional representation of the cooperation between “SmartDB” and Microsoft 365 is as shown in the figure below. “SmartDB” is a company-wide business platform that digitizes on-site operations and realizes operations that require company decision-making and settlement with workflow functions. At that time, Teams complements horizontal real-time communication and vertical communication with approving managers and bosses. In addition, SharePoint or DreamArts’ “InsuiteX” will be used as an internal information sharing portal in order to spread the company-wide direction and management message throughout the company. In SharePoint, the approval list of “SmartDB” can be placed as a part of the portal. Case studies of three companies that solved problems with “SmartDB” Many companies have introduced “SmartDB” and are promoting digital kaizen under the initiative of the site. For example, NGK Spark Plug Co., Ltd. has digitized 50 types of application work used by 7,000 people, mainly by the Human Resources Department. The company has decided to set up a new strategic human resources department, and it is not possible to request the information system department, which is extremely busy, to digitize operations. Moved to “SmartDB”. Currently, it is able to invest resources in strategic areas such as retaining young employees and reviewing salary systems. KOKUYO will utilize “SmartDB” from 2006. It should be noted that the information system department should be. “The information system department is shifting from the stance of creating on-site systems to creating an environment where on-site systems can utilize IT,” Masumoto said. As a result, digital utilization has taken root in the field, and currently about 200 “SmartDB” developers have been trained in-house, and about 2000 types of business applications have been produced in-house so far. At Yonex, the president’s office, the Human Resources Development Department, and the Information Systems Department are collaborating to promote the introduction, and the total number of digitized operations reaches 100 in one year. At the company, the site is the center, and the system department provides support. The “SmartDB” is set on-site, but at that time, the information system department is in charge of the final check and authority setting, and we also hold in-house seminars on the “SmartDB” to support autonomous business reforms. ing. Realizing company-wide DX through cooperation between the field and the system department The system department of a company is currently busy with company-wide DX support such as core systems and infrastructure, and cannot handle on-site operations in detail. However, the essential DX will not be completed unless the site is improved. Therefore, DreamArts’ approach is to democratize digitally. However, if the entire organization is not aware that it is doing digital kaizen, it will end up with a one-off effort. At that time, “SmartDB” plays a role as a basis for unifying not only digital data but also internal intentions. In order to go through the digital Kaizen cycle, it is important to collaborate between the field and the system department as in the previous case. There is no point in separating the field and system departments, and the field system and company-wide system in advocating digital democratization within the company. “With” SmartDB, “we will use the power of the field for departmental and team operations, and use the power of the system department for cross-departmental and company-wide operations to promote the efficiency and digitization of operations for the entire company. “SmartDB” is the foundation that can do that. “(Mr. Masumoto) When introducing” SmartDB, “knowledge is required to establish” digital democratization “as a corporate culture in large companies. In the situation where urgent DX is required, DreamArts plans to strengthen the accompanying support system and strengthen the part that connects operations, including cooperation with external systems and services, in terms of products. It is said that.

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