Business-related services are more popular than technical-related DX support services–IDC survey

IDC Japan announced the results of a survey of demand trends for services that support digital transformation (DX). Business services are more popular than technical services. According to this, about 80% use some kind of support service, and the largest number is 52.6% of “business transformation support”. The following are “Support for other digital technology utilization” (38.2%), “Support for digital marketing / design” (28.9%), “Data analysis” including IoT utilization support, SNS / social technology utilization support, cyber security support, etc. / AI utilization / automation support ”(28.4%). Among the top “business transformation support” services, “DX human resource development / reskill support”, “business process transformation / business process re-engineering support”, and “digital strategy formulation / digital business development support” were popular. .. In addition, the most important DX support partners among the respondents were “consulting firms”, and the following were “SI operators / IT service vendors” and “IT hardware vendors”. IDC Japan says, “The demand for transformation-led support services from a business perspective, not technical support-led, will continue to grow.” The survey was conducted in January targeting management and managers who are promoting DX in large companies with more than 1000 employees, including the progress of DX, the usage of various digital services, and the usage trends of support service providers. The selection criteria were investigated.

Contents of support services by external businesses used in DX initiatives, Source: IDC Japan