Hyokkorihan, real name Satoshi Miyashita, Hanako Okabe and Manzai Waseda Circle Sync

Comedian Hyokkorihan appeared as his real name Satoshi Miyashita in the variety show “Yellow Sanpachi” (25: 35-) on Nippon Television, which was broadcast on the 25th. Hyokkori Han and Satoshi Miyashita = Provided by Nippon Television This program is the first time that popular entertainers form a full-scale tag team to show off their comics. Hikorihan and Miyashita teamed up with Hanako’s Okabe Dai, who is a member of the Waseda University comedy circle. Okabe is upset by Miyashita, who appears in a nostalgic dining room for the two of them, wearing a rough outfit instead of the familiar outfit. In the first place, Miyashita said that even as the secretary-general, he was “seriously” managing the circle. Despite the comedy circle, Okabe confesses that he was “surprised” by Miyashita’s strict discipline. In addition, since he was an orthodox manzai teacher at that time, there was a scene where he said, “No way, hey …” when he made a break with the character “Hyokorihan”. Okabe’s thoughts explode in Manzai. “Today isn’t that guy !? Miya-chan is a more serious and calm person !!”, sublimating the changed feelings towards Miyashita into a manzai that makes the most of Tale’s acting ability. It was. In addition, Chocolate Planet Shohei Nagata & Panther Kei Mukai, who have been “best friends for 15 years” since they met at NSC, Nishikigoi from Sapporo Yoshimoto, Masaki Hasegawa & Tom Brown, Hiroki Nunokawa show off their comics. After the broadcast, three sets of undisclosed talks over 45 minutes have been distributed exclusively on Hulu. This program is the first of four comedy programs “Midnight Comedians” that NTV develops in the middle of the spring break. The second “Kontomichi” Laughing Heart “” is on the 31st (24: 59-25: 29), the third “Hanenobus” is on the 31st 25: 35-26: 05), and the fourth “Kontomichi” Dangerous Heart ” “Mark” will be broadcast on April 1st (24: 59-25: 29).