I got a job at a famous restaurant with my grandfather’s introduction … Unexpected behavior from the first day

In Fuji TV’s documentary program “The Nonfiction” (every Sunday from 14:00 onwards * Kanto Local), an 18-year-old young man who has no cooking experience came to Tokyo for the first time, and “New Tokyo Story” closely related to working at a famous restaurant. Part 1 ~ Chimney, Sky Tree and My Dream ~ ”will be broadcast on the 28th. Kazuma-san, who receives close contact with “The Nonfiction” = Provided by Fuji TV Spring when young people leave their hometown with dreams and hopes and head for Tokyo. However, in May 2020, there was a young man who could not easily move to Tokyo due to the influence of the new coronavirus. 18-year-old Kazuma is heading to Tokyo from Tomakomai City, Hokkaido, where the chimneys of paper mills are lined up, aiming to become a cook. The place of employment is the famous restaurant “Restaurant Omiya” run by Chef Katsuo Omiya (70), a Western-style master who once appeared in “Iron Chef”. The reason why Kazuma-san, who had never learned cooking, entered such a first-class restaurant was his grandfather Michio (63). His parents divorced and his father divorced, and he has been raised by his grandparents since he was a child. Michio was active in a legendary French restaurant in Tokyo when he was young. It was Chef Omiya who shared his training days with Michio. Michio, who has retired from the world of cooking due to cancer and is living a recuperative life, decided to entrust his grandchildren, who had been carefully raised, to his former ally, Chef Omiya. Kazuma-san came to Tokyo with the thoughts of these two people on his back. Chef Omiya and his seniors welcomed me warmly, but … I was completely swallowed by the new life of Tokyo, my first workplace, my first food, and everything I saw for the first time in my life. There, he takes an unexpected action … At the foot of the Sky Tree, far away from his hometown, he struggles between dreams and reality, and follows the story of an 18-year-old young man in Tokyo with the narration of actress Moka Kamishiraishi.In the city of Asakusa overlooking the Tokyo Sky Tree = Same (C) Fuji TV