I sent it by mail, but it didn’t arrive? The first thing to do in such a case

I’m worried if something that I should have received, such as a product I bought myself or a package or card sent by an acquaintance, does not arrive. There are various reasons why you may not receive the mail. In this article, we’ll show you the possible reasons why you don’t receive the mail and what you should do in each case. Introducing the reason why the mail does not arrive and how to deal with it? The reason why the mail does not arrive is the problem of the post office, the problem of the other party, or your own problem. Let’s see what you can think of why it is not mailed.


The first thing you can think of is misdelivery. This means that it will be delivered to the wrong place as the kanji says. Misdelivery is not a common mistake on the part of the post office, but it can happen that it arrives at a similar address or a nearby house by mistake. If the person who received it by mistake reports it, you can receive the mail, but if you do not report it and leave it as it is, it will be difficult to receive it.

It takes more days than expected

It may take a long time to mail if you send it by a mailing method of a size that can not be sent, or if you make a mistake during the delivery work. For online shopping etc., it may take some time to ship immediately after receiving it. In addition, the number of days until delivery varies depending on the mailing method and location. If you want to know the guideline, please check the website of Japan Post. Depending on the item, if you haven’t received it for more than a week after shipping it domestically, you may want to consider other reasons.

Wrong address

There is also the possibility of mistakes such as registering yourself or giving the wrong address to the other party. When sending by mail, double-check that there are no mistakes in the zip code, room number, etc.

I haven’t applied

In the case of online shopping, there are cases where the purchase application was not made in the first place. Possible reasons for the failure to process the purchase include out-of-stock items and card limits. When you purchase a product online, you will often receive a confirmation email, so be sure to check if you have applied.

I haven’t updated my address

In some cases, the address has not been updated because the mail did not arrive. For example, if the license renewal information, card, or information registered on the mail-order site is the previous address, it will not be delivered to you. When you move, don’t forget to change your registration details. Mailing may not work due to misdelivery or lack of confirmation of information. What to do when mail does not arrive Sometimes I am worried if mail does not arrive, but there are things I can do to get it delivered. However, how to deal with it depends on the shipment. Here are some examples, so let’s understand what to do when each does not arrive and deal calmly.

If you do not receive your parcel

If you do not receive the postcard or package, “Are you giving the wrong information?” “If you have received a shipping notification, check with the other party.” “If the other party has a tracking service, contact number. Let’s do the work such as “Tell me about it, check it together”. If you still don’t know or can’t track it, contact the post office. The post office has a “survey system” that checks when and where the luggage was, the location and the status of mailing. The survey system can also be requested from the Internet. With this system, you can find out where it is gone. The investigation system can investigate not only the cause of non-delivery, but also the cause of empty mail, damage, significant delay, etc.

If you do not receive your insurance card

If you do not receive your important health insurance card, your anxiety will increase. Health insurance cards are handled differently depending on the affiliation of the Japan Health Insurance Association, National Health Insurance, company health insurance association, etc. In the case of Japan Health Insurance Association, the wide area office center of the Japan Pension Service supports it. During busy times, it may take more than a month after submitting the documents. If you are uncertain that you have not received it, please contact the pension office in your jurisdiction. National health insurance is covered by each local government. Basically, it will be mailed to your home before the expiration date, but if you do not receive it, please contact the section in charge of your office. Also, regarding health insurance associations, it is a good idea to contact the associations that each company has joined. Even if you do not receive your health insurance card, you may be able to issue a qualification certificate or prove your qualification later, so it is safe to check the correspondence.

If you do not receive your credit card

If you do not receive your credit card, your information may be incorrect, so check your application information first. If there are no mistakes, please contact each card company.

If my number card does not arrive

What should I do if I do not receive the delivery notice required to receive my number card? In the first place, it seems that it may take several months after the procedure for the delivery notice. It is said that it will take two months to issue depending on the location. If you do not receive it within the number of days announced at the time of registration, please contact the section in charge at each government office. If you do not receive the mail, contact the appropriate place or check the application email, etc. Who is responsible for the non-delivery? If you know the cause of the non-delivery, you may know where the responsibility lies. Hmm. However, it is difficult to prove who is responsible if you have misdelivered or misrepresented uncertain information. The flea market apps and auction sites show what to do in case of trouble, so please check it.

Not responsible at the post office

If your luggage is damaged or lost, there is a compensation system. However, this system applies only to some services, and the compensation system cannot be used with ordinary mail, and the post office is not responsible. Be careful when you mail it. If you do not receive the postcard or package, you will be anxious and it will take time to investigate where you went. What should I be careful about when mailing myself so as not to cause any trouble?

Is the address correct?

Before mailing, make sure that the address of the other party is correct. If the wrong recipient does not respond, the mail will remain in the wrong place. To prevent such misdelivery, when writing the address by hand, be aware of the “readable characters” and write carefully.

Is the size and content within the regulations?

It is also an important confirmation point that mail and luggage apply to the regulations of the service you use. If it is out of the regulation, it will be returned and it will take days to mail it. It may bother the other party. Observe the regulations, and if you are uncertain, ask the “post office window” to check.

Is there a shortage of charges?

When posting postcards etc. to the mailbox, please make sure that the stamps are attached for the fee. When you put out a postcard for the first time in a long time, the price may be higher than you expected. Please be careful as insufficient charges will cause trouble for the other party. Even if you pay attention to the benefits of tracking services, you may still make shipping mistakes such as shipping addresses and charges. It is recommended to add a “tracking service” to eliminate the anxiety that the mail sent to the other party has arrived properly. The tracking service allows you to inquire about where your mail and packages are now. If you’re sending expensive packages, important documents, or other important things, or if you don’t want to be in trouble, this service will give you peace of mind. Some may be reimbursed along with the tracking service, so choose the mailing method that suits your needs. It is important to be careful when mailing. It is important to be aware of the confirmation of the mailing side and the mailing side. The reason why the mailed item does not arrive is thought to be many misdelivery and procedure mistakes. If you do not receive it, do not panic and contact the appropriate place for appropriate response. However, if you don’t receive what you should receive, both the sender and the recipient will feel uneasy. Regardless of your position, if you do not neglect to confirm the address and mailing method, it will lead to smooth mailing. In order to avoid troubles, please be aware of how to deal with it and try to send it safely and securely by using a tracking service.