SAP Japan signs strategic partnership program with Toshiba Group

Toshiba, Toshiba Digital Solutions (TDSL) and SAP Japan have signed a “strategic partnership program” to maximize the construction and post-operation utilization of the Toshiba Group’s next core system. The strategic partnership program that has been concluded consists of the following four services. Strategic Program Management Office (Strategic PMO): Strategic program management service to contribute to the success of Toshiba’s digital transformation Professional Service: A service to train Toshiba’s internal digital transformation experts.Take advantage of the following two factors
・ Preferred Card: Preferential contract for using SAP education service
-SAP Learning Hub: Training tool for developing SAP experts Innovation Business Solution Organization (IBSO): Service that supports implementation of important unique functions and fostering collaborative innovation SAP MaxAttention: Service that supports reliable success of projects The signed program aims to maximize the construction and post-operation utilization of the next core system of the Toshiba Group. Introducing solutions such as “SAP S / 4HANA” adopted by Toshiba in November 2019, “SAP Analytics Cloud” and “SAP Ariba” to the Toshiba Group to promote the digital transformation of the Toshiba Group. In addition, TDSL and SAP Japan will collaborate in the external sales business of SAP solutions.