University of Tokyo Green ICT Project and NTT Com Demonstration of “Digital Twin” in Building Space

The University of Tokyo Green ICT Project (GUTP) and NTT Communications (NTT Com) have started a demonstration experiment of “digital twin” that virtually reproduces the real world with digital data as an effort to utilize data for the realization of Smart City. did. In the experiment, we will examine technical issues and processes in building digital twin applications by utilizing various data infrastructures that provide BIM (Building Information Modeling) data related to buildings, IoT information such as sensors, and location information.

Image of the experiment (Source: GUTP, NTT Com) GUTP will build a demonstration experiment environment with NTT Com and create a pilot digital twin application. By actually constructing an application using BIM, we will accumulate knowledge about the optimal construction process and method, and make efforts toward standardization proposals. Furthermore, using the created application, experiments such as actually controlling a cleaning robot in the real world in a digital twin space will be conducted at NTT Com’s co-creation environment “Smart City Lab (tentative name)”. NTT Com provides a “Smart Data Platform” that centrally collects, stores, and utilizes data, and aims to implement a digital twin in society using this service. In addition, GUTP is conducting research and development to utilize building data such as BIM and to build digital twin applications using the cloud. Currently, standardized methods and processes have not been established for building digital twin applications. In order to realize a co-creation environment in which many companies / organizations participate from fields such as architecture, design, and building services, standardization of application construction technology is urgently needed.