Can I return Mercari’s “non-returnable items”?[I can’t ask you anymore]

I think many people have seen the statement “Non-returnable” in Mercari. Actually, this notation violates the rules and basically has no effect. In this article, we will explain how to return items that are marked as “non-returnable”. Even if there is a statement that it cannot be returned, it will be invalid according to Mercari’s rules. Let’s deal with it without rushing “Non-returnable” violates Mercari’s rules Mercari states in the rules issued by the management side that “No returns will be accepted even if there is a problem with the product” That is prohibited. The following is a quote from the Mercari Guide. Regardless of the description or posting location, it is prohibited to state that we will not accept returns even if there is a problem with the product.
If you confirm a violation, you may be subject to transaction cancellation, product deletion, or usage restrictions. Specific examples of prohibited words are as follows. Non-returnable No claim (NC) No return (NR) No cancellation (NC) 3N (abbreviation)

Cases where returns are accepted / not accepted

It is possible to return a product even if it says “No returns” in a visible form such as a profile, and such a statement itself is prohibited by Mercari’s rules. As you can see from this, Mercari allows returns from buyers to sellers. Of course, we do not accept it in all cases, but basically, if there is a problem with the product itself, we will accept returns. For example, “I heard that it was new at the time of purchase, but it was dirty or scratched when it arrived.” “I thought it was a genuine product and it was determined that it was a fake.” On the other hand, it is difficult to return the product for personal reasons. For example, we will not accept returns for reasons such as “I didn’t like it” or “I didn’t like it”. However, it may be possible to return the product for personal reasons only if the seller is satisfied. Since it is an act that Mercari does not approve of not responding to returns, there is no problem even if there is a wording Reason for making it “non-returnable” Despite being prohibited by Mercari, why the seller “cannot return / return Does not correspond to “?” From the seller’s point of view, it’s easy to imagine that they have a strong desire to sell the item, but there are other cases where the seller is disadvantaged if it can be returned. I will explain in detail below.

■ Prevent replacement

The return of a different product that is not the product sold by the seller is called “replacement”. For example, you may have sold and sent a genuine branded product, but the purchaser of the product has requested a return and you will receive a copy. In such cases, the seller will give away the branded product for free and will lose it, so we will try to prevent this. It seems that even the operators of Mercari are making particularly strict decisions regarding the return of branded products in order to crack down on the act of replacement.

■ May be modified by the buyer

In some cases, you may have sent an item that is clean and clean, but when it arrives at the buyer, you may be asked to return the item after it has been modified. In that case, since it is not possible to prove who modified it, in principle you will be forced to respond to returns, and if the secretariat cancels it, you will lose both the product and sales.

■ Prevent the purchase of those who do not intend to purchase

As a seller, you want to sell your product, so you want to deal with someone who is willing to not return it. In the worst case, if a person who does not intend to purchase the product purchases it, the above measures may be taken and the product and sales may be lost. In order to prevent the seller from being disadvantaged, it may be stated as “non-returnable” to show the purchaser’s intention. But, again, posting this wording is a violation of the rules. Understand the seller’s feelings of not wanting to return and the pattern of loss, and refer to it when purchasing or requesting a return. What to do if you buy something that says “No returns” What if I want to return a product for some reason after purchasing a product that says “Non-returnable”? Here are some points to keep in mind so that you will not be in trouble in the event of an emergency.

Prepare “proof” for branded products that you would like to return

I believed it was a brand-name product, but when I received it, it was a fake or a copy product … In such a case, the purchaser would naturally want to return it. If you want to return it in such a case, you need proof of it. Ambiguous reasons such as “I think it’s a fake” or “I feel like a fake” are not the reason for the return, so it is necessary to clarify the evidence and grounds for thinking so. At present, it tends to be difficult for branded products to be returned to prevent replacement. However, if you submit it with proof, you may be able to return it, so we recommend that you have a proper appraisal. If the appraisal result is genuine, you should be able to return it.

Check carefully before making an evaluation

The process of requesting a return is smoother before you enter your rating. Basically, if it can be judged that the transaction has been completed after the evaluation of both parties, it will be difficult to cancel. As soon as the item arrives, please check the condition of the item properly before evaluating it. It is important to be careful, as proper confirmation and evaluation can take extra time and make it difficult to return. However, this does not mean that you cannot completely return the product after it has been evaluated. Returns after the evaluation is completed can be returned if the seller approves. You can also consult with the secretariat, so if you cannot contact the seller, please contact the secretariat.

Contact the seller for a return

If you want to return it, use a message to let the seller know if you want to agree to the return. It is important to state the reason as well so that you can consent to the return. The accepted reason for return is “a case where the delivered item is defective or has a problem”. We do not accept any personal reasons such as scratches you made or “I didn’t like it” or “I didn’t like it”. If you can prepare a photo that will be the basis for this, it will be more likely that you will respond to the return. Basically, Mercari recommends discussions between individuals, so the shipping method and delivery method of the item you want to return must be decided by discussing with each other. If there is a defect or problem with the product, the seller will bear the shipping cost, and if the return is due to the purchaser’s convenience, prepayment is the general solution. Returning the product as close as it was sent to you will give consideration to the person who responded.

Ask the secretariat for help

If you send a message to the seller but they don’t respond, it’s a good idea to contact the secretariat. If you send the reason why you want to return it to the secretariat and a photo of the proof, the story will proceed smoothly. You will be in contact with the seller through the secretariat, but again it is recommended that you discuss with each other. Therefore, decide on the shipping cost and the shipping method for the item you want to return. As a basic policy of the Mercari secretariat, we do not intervene, so let’s think of it as an image that returns are decided depending on the transaction with the seller. If you have a correct understanding of the cases in which returns are permitted, follow the appropriate steps to have them returned. Even if it says “No returns”, you can return it if there are any deficiencies! Before purchasing Many people will want to return the product if it is different from what they were hearing or if they realize that they have accidentally purchased a fake branded product. In such a case, even if the seller has its own rule of “non-returnable”, there is no need to worry. Mercari’s rules do not allow the statement “non-returnable”, and you can return it if you have a valid reason and evidence. To ensure a smooth return, be careful not to type in your rating without confirmation after the item arrives. Before the evaluation, the secretariat will respond smoothly, so please check the product first.