Job offer: Server Engineer in Minato with Fidel Consulting

Information Technology and Services
Employment form: Full-time employee, full-time employee
Required skills: JapaneseN, English2, server-side development, Ruby, Infrastructure, Project Management
Municipality: Minato-Ku
Prefecture: Tokyo
Country: Japan
Annual salary: 6,000,000 ~ 8,000,000

Job Description

Job Description

A new team member will be responsible for the development of the front-end of the Company called Github Business Edition. In order to further accelerate the growth of the business, you will be asked to perform new Hubble functions, API development, maintenance, etc. ..

Required requirements

  • Web service development and operation experience with Ruby on Rails
  • Test-driven development (Rspec)
  • Knowledge of infrastructure, security, etc.
  • Project planning and progress management experience

Welcome requirements

  • Experience using development frameworks such as Ruby on Rails
  • Experience in planning and executing test plans based on test techniques, experience in quality control
  • Experience in optimizing any of Nginx, Apache, Puma, Tomcat OSS Publication, contribution experience, development experience with external API

Human resources required

  • Person who has communication ability and cooperation
  • Person who can create and execute mission by himself
  • Person who can adapt to the sense of speed of startup
  • Person who builds long-term relationship with surroundings and is trusted

Company Description

The Company develops and provides products that realize more efficient collaboration by eliminating friction and unnecessary burden in contract work with the mission of “designing and rationalizing contracts”.
By supporting the field of legal affairs with technology, we will propose new ways of legal affairs and working styles.

Fidel Consulting

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