Shuka Saito, “Zumsata” April weather caster “I’m nervous and my heart is about to burst”

Voice actor Shuka Saito will be the monthly weather caster for the NTV information program “Zoom in !! Saturday” (every Saturday from 5:30). It will appear from the broadcast on April 3rd. Shuka Saito = Provided by NTV The program celebrates its 25th anniversary in April, and announcer Ren Umezawa is appointed as the 7th general moderator. A new weather caster will appear on a monthly basis. Ami Yamazaki, who has been a weather caster since 2015, will be in charge of the field caster. Saito is in charge of the voices of the main characters in the popular “Wonder Egg Priority” because Shinji Nojima worked on the animation for the first time, and the CD released as an artist is a voice actor who is in the top 10 of the Oricon chart. For this appointment, “I never thought I would be a weather caster, so I was just surprised and nervous. I didn’t think, why did I ask …?” (Laughs). It’s a great honor to be able to join the program I’ve been watching since I was little, for a while. ” “I’m nervous and my heart is bursting, but I’ll do my best with all my heart so that I can deliver the weather firmly!” I’m very happy if you can see it at. I’ll do my best, so I look forward to working with you all. ”