Akiko Kuji Anna’s “Improvement Committee” motivated to become a new assistant “Gag with Mr. Horiken”

It was revealed on the 27th that Fuji TV’s announcer Akiko Kuji will be appointed as a new assistant for the variety show “pacific saury no Owarai Kaizen Committee” (every Saturday from 23:10). It will appear from the broadcast on April 3rd. Akiko Kuji Announcer = Provided by Fuji TV Moemi Kushiro, who has been an assistant for 6 years since the first broadcast in April 2015, has graduated. pacific saury and Kuji Anna have co-starred in “pacific saury’s FNS National Announcer Simultaneous Inspection”, but this is the first time on a regular program. When pacific saury asked, “Did you get any advice from Kushiro?”, He said, “Yes! If you can’t answer, don’t look at pacific saury-san. Also, don’t get along with Horiken-san too much. I’ll get caught up in (the gag). ” However, despite the worries of senior Anna, Kuji Anna breathes, “I want to gag with Horiken-san, and I want to be hit by pacific saury-san!” pacific saury was worried that her motivation would run idle, but she was pushed by her enthusiasm and decided to laugh. After recording, Kuji Anna said with a smile, “I enjoyed it so much that I immediately forgot the tension.” The full comment is below.

–After the first recording

I was very nervous at first, but soon I forgot the tension and it ended in a blink of an eye. I heard that comedians would be nervous, so I was thrilled before the show, but it was really fun. I’m a laughing Ueto, so there was a moment when I returned to myself during the recording, saying, “Oh my god! Maybe I laugh too much!” (Laughs). From now on, I would like to improve my comedy skills and learn the arts!

–About your feelings when you decided to become a new assistant

Anyway, I was happy! The more I talked to my friends, the more I was a fan of the show, so I couldn’t help myself! I was surprised with. I appeared at the reception of Obata no Onisan and Yuki Yamasaki, and I was reminded that I felt “This program is amazing! This is a battlefield”.

–About the impression of pacific saury, who will be co-starring for the first time on a regular program

When pacific saury-san talked to me, I was enthusiastic that I had to return something, and I was worried that I could do it. But I’m very grateful to pacific saury-san and other comedians for being absolutely entertaining no matter what I say. I had Kushiro Anna give me some advice, but this time I had to look at it many times (laughs).

–Message to viewers

Kushiro Anna has often gag with Mr. Horiuchi, so I would like to carry on that spirit as well! I would like to do my best so that the viewers can continue to enjoy it. (C) Fuji TV