HKT48 Moriyasu Madoka, a series of fans whose hearts are shot through in a dignified archery appearance

Madoka Moriyasu of HKT48 updated Twitter on 26th (Friday). A photo of Kyudo wearing a figure has been released.

[Photo]”I fell in love with the dignified standing figure” Madoka Moriyasu wearing an archery

Madoka Moriyasu has been active as a first-year student of HKT48 since 2011. He has been playing the piano since childhood, and made his solo debut last year with the piano solo album “Watashino Nakano Watashino”.

Moriyasu updated Twitter on the 26th (Friday). We have released 4 photos of dignified Kyudo.

Fans praised this post, saying, “It’s too cute,” “I stabbed it in the middle,” “I want to be shot through my heart,” and “I’m in love with the dignified standing.”

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