Kento Kaku “It’s amazing, what is the current orthodontic technique?” Advice to listeners who are worried about whether orthodontics should be done!

The TOKYO FM program “Kento Kaku SUZUKI” KENTO’S CLUB “”, in which actor Kento Kaku serves as a personality. In the broadcast on March 23 (Wednesday), the president (* the name of Kaku in this program) made a live call to the club member (* the name of the listener in this program) who sent the message.

Personality Kento Kaku

◆ Complex teeth alignment … Should I correct it?

Chairman: Hello? Nice to meet you, my name is Kaku.

Club member: Nice to meet you, my name is Okome.

Chairman: How many are you?

Club member: 28 years old.

Chairman: Then, it’s a little lower than me. When do you always listen to “Kenkura”?

Club member: I listen to the app radiko time-free, so before going to bed or while taking a bath.

Chairman: Then I was the companion before going to bed (laughs).

Club member: That’s right. While listening to Mr. Kaku’s voice.

Chairman: I’m sleeping (laughs). I heard that there is something I want to ask and tell.

Club member: That’s right. I’ve been wondering if I should have my teeth straightened. Mr. Kaku was told that he was corrected last year, so I would like to hear more about the correction.

Chairman: I see (laughs). Tell us about your experience with orthodontics. Did you always want to do it?

Club member: I had teeth and a complex, so I wanted to correct it.

Chairman: What I did was not something like a wire, but a transparent one. Do you know Invisalign? It’s like a mouthpiece.

Club members: Ah, yes yes yes. There is.

Chairman: Put it on for a few hours every day. Actually, I finished the correction yesterday.

Club members: Oh, congratulations.

Chairman: Thank you. That’s about half a year.

Club members: In half a year? Hey!

Chairman: Yes. I wore it every day for half a year. I went to the hospital and made some gaps between my teeth and adjusted it again …

Club member: That’s right.

Chairman: That’s why I look in the mirror every day, but I don’t really understand (the difference). But one day, I reviewed old photos, and when I saw them, they were (more beautiful than they used to be).

Club members: Is that so !?

Chairman: It’s amazing, what is the current correction technology?

Club members: Does it feel like you don’t wear it when you go out, but only when you’re at home?

Chairman: Because it’s transparent, you don’t notice it (even if you put it on). I didn’t notice it at all, and people said, “Well, are you wearing it !?”

Club members: Wow, awesome! Sounds good.

Chairman: Are you okay? With this (bitter smile).

Club members: Yes. It became very helpful!

Chairman: This is my personal impression, so if you are interested in it, please do.

Club members: Yes, I’ll try.

Chairman: At that time, please come to Kaku Clinic.

Club members: Please do (laughs).

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